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July 16, 2022

Matilda Castren

Kelly Tan

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Golf Channel

Q. You certainly saved some of the best for the last. That brilliant 9-iron within inches, almost a hole in one. Ensured that you guys finished solo second. For you, Kelly, your best ever finish on the LPGA Tour and just a remarkable day when it seemed that the obvious, -the leaders were out of reach, but what did you say to yourself to stay in the game?

MATILDA CASTREN: Well, I was just trying to hit good shots, and I saw that we were tied for second, so I told my caddie I didn't want to share the second spot.

She said, well, stick it close on 18. I happened to hit a great shot and it almost went in. That would have been so cool to make a hole in one on the last, but I'll take the birdie as well.

Q. Kelly, talk a little bit about your close friendship and why you guys are so close and why this partnership worked so well this week.

KELLY TAN: Yeah, we met back in 2018 playing on the Epson Tour. We both kind of just met because we both were struggling really.

I just felt like we went through the tough time together. You know, long car rides to the next tournament, lots of chats, and those stuff brought us really close together.

It's just so cool to be able to play on the LPGA Tour, this tournament with my best friend, my maid of honor, and also finishing my best is a career highlight. I think that's super cool.

Q. You bring up that maid of honor. You will be the maid of honor in your upcoming wedding in December. Was it difficult decision to say yes to that?

MATILDA CASTREN: No. Of course I'm going to be her maid of honor. I don't have much experience in that. I have never been anyone's maid of honor. Only been to a few weddings in my life.

It's definitely kind of like a learning experience for me, but she's so easy to be with and she so far hasn't demanded any craziness. It's been great, and I really look forward to the big day in December.

Q. This week provides a lot of momentum for both of you, two majors coming up. What does this do for you in terms of your confidence?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, definitely a confidence boost for us, and just being able to make lots of birdies and knowing that we can do that, and, yeah, also hitting good golf shots, so looking forward to the next stretch in Evian in Scotland.

Q. Congratulations on the solo second. It was delightful to watch. Best wishes overseas in Europe.

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