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July 16, 2022

Tiffany Chan

Haeji Kang

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Ladies, another really great round out here. First things first, I want you to talk me through that last birdie right here on 18 and just how cool it is to do that in front of this environment and all of that good stuff.

TIFFANY CHAN: Our priority for today is to have fun. We try to try our very best, and on the last hole, the 17, Haeji birdie, and I'm just going, oh, one more, it will be a really good week for us.

My heart was pounding because I hit it into the water yesterday, and I think it was adrenaline that makes me hit a little bit further.

So today I actually took the same club. The wind was different. I'm just picking a safer target. I know Haeji is going to birdie, either one of us is going to birdie.

I'm just going to take a shorter club, be more aggressive. I was watching the ball. In my mind I was, like, oh, what if it goes in? (Zoom froze momentarily.)

But I really appreciate Haeji asking me to be her partner, or trusting me for having no status, so really appreciate it.

Q. Yeah. That actually was going to lead into my next question. I know you talked yesterday about your limited status. Just how big of a confidence booster is this for you and how do you carry this forward?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, being no status and having no one ask me to be a partner and I was waiting, and Haeji asked me, and my first thought is just like really appreciate it and really thankful for this opportunity.

I told Haeji I'm going to give it my best. It's my only chance, and it's MGM Match-Play. If they give me a chance, I'm going to give it my best. Like I'm not going to let them down. I think I did it.

Yeah, just changed my whole year from here.

Q. I love that. Haeji, what went into that decision to ask Tiff to be your partner, and how happy are you that you did it after now really a successful four days out here?

HAEJI KANG: Sorry. Can you ask me that question again?

Q. How happy are you that you asked Tiff to be your partner after a great four days and sort of what went into that decision?

HAEJI KANG: Yeah, Tiff has always been my good friend. We always hang out, have dinners and stuff. I always feel comfortable being around her because she's a very nice girl.

I said just why don't we just play, and then it worked out. I know that she's a great player, and it really worked out well. Yeah.

Q. Awesome. You said going into the round today was mostly about being fun, so the expectation was just to have fun out there. Do you feel like that made you play better, took some pressure off, because you just came to have some fun?

HAEJI KANG: Yes. I knew that we were in a good position, so I think at the start of the round I think I was thinking a little bit ahead, so it was a little bit slow today because I guess I was trying so hard.

But then like after nine holes we had to just stick with our original plan, which was just having fun and just complementing each other, and then it worked again. Yeah.

Q. How does this event sort of help you prepare for Evian coming up next, big major, European swing? How has this helped you prepare for that?

HAEJI KANG: Well normally I'm a personality who tries so much, but playing this event kind of loosens me up because I try to just have fun, and I think I really need that in my game.

Tiff definitely helped me with all that, just having fun. I think I've got to enjoy more when I'm playing real tournaments.

Q. Last question. I would like you both to answer. What was the best part of your game, like something you have learned about yourself or something you did really well? Not just today, but this whole week, golf specifically.

HAEJI KANG: I honestly think Tiff really helped me out a lot because she hit some really close shots into the hole and then I had to just write the scorecards. That was my job pretty much. (Laughing).

I got to rest and just chill and watch her great shots.

TIFFANY CHAN: We actually worked with the same coach, psychologist. What I've been trying to work with him, Paul, is trying to stay in the moment, and I think foursome was a really good format. Very similar to match-play.

I really have to put Haeji in a good position on the fairway, and she has a better chance to hit it close. She was lying. She hit a lot of good shots yesterday. She hit the pin, almost slam dunk.

You know, being able to provide her with a good opportunity, and she will give it back to me.

So it's kind of like my own game. If I could just focus on one shot at a time back on the fairway, on the green, and the result will just come.

This week really helped me to booster my confidence and just staying in the moment, and I will keep the momentum going, keep working hard. Hopefully I will see Haeji back on tour soon.

Q. That's the goal. Thank you both so much.

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