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July 16, 2022

Stacy Lewis

Maria Fassi

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Team Tex-Mex, Maria Fassi, Stacy Lewis. What an incredible best ball day for the both of you. Stacy, just how was today for the both of you? Ham and egg as you said on the green there. Take me through how well today was for the both of you.

STACY LEWIS: I mean, well, I felt like we were both due to make some putts over the last few days, and we kind of got on a little run there at the end of the day yesterday, so I think that was kind of key to having that good momentum into today.

Like we said, we had at least four or five birdies where someone was either not necessarily in trouble, but they were in the rough or missed the green or something like that, and one of us -- she hits it to a foot, then I hit it to a foot.

It was kind of stole a few birdies there. Just kind of grinded away on the back nine. We didn't have quite as many opportunities on the back nine, but just kept grinding and made a few putts there at the end.

Q. Maria, what was today like for you on your side of things?

MARIA FASSI: It was great to see a couple of balls drop. I hadn't made many putts, and I made one on 3.

That I think kind of got things started for me. Like Stacy was saying, I think we had a lot of very good looks on the front. Easy birdies.

I think it was just very steady and easy. We didn't get into much trouble. I think we had each other's back when we needed to.

Q. Stacy, you and Maria, your games complement each other so well in this kind of format after the performance you had last year to follow it up with this. What does this do for you and after what you have seen of her over the last two years as well?

STACY LEWIS: I mean, I think it's confidence for both of us. I felt like I played some better golf this year and maybe the results haven't showed, and talking to her, I think she could probably say the same thing.

Just for both of us to see some putts go in and see some shots go in and doing what you are trying to do, it doesn't matter what format it is.

I think we've -- I don't know why we played so well in the alternate shot. Over the last couple of years we almost play better in that format than we do in the best ball.

It works though golf course. You wouldn't always say a long and a short always works, but it works on this golf course pretty well.

Q. Another week with Stacy, Maria; you learned a lot last year. What more did you take away from this year's event with Stacy by your side?

MARIA FASSI: Yeah, I think there was a lot of learning. Still very different type of learning, though. I think this year there was a lot more on the mental and emotional side of things.

Still a little bit of strategy and course management, but I think I've improved a lot from where we were last year golf-wise, and I think after this week I can continue to work a lot on the mental side of things.

I think the last two days were very good on that regard. We've been talking a lot and it's just been cool to see why she's the player she is. A lot of it comes from her head.

Q. Before I kick it off to some questions, Stacy, the team in the lead right now, Jennifer Kupcho and Lizette Salas, have really taken this format by storm. As the 2023 U.S. Solheim Cup captain, how nice is that to see?

STACY LEWIS: Obviously, it's great. I'm not surprised. Same kind of thing. Long and short I think work really well. They developed really good chemistry last year, and to the point where I think the first match they played together they came off the golf course and said, do not break us up.

They just really kind of found a groove and like playing together enough. I was excited to see that they had decided to play together again.

Jennifer has been playing so well.

Lizette is a great putter.

For Lizette, gosh, this could be a huge springboard for her. She hasn't probably played her best golf this year, and hopefully it kind of springboards her the rest of the year.

Q. Stacy, you're an admiration because I know you've had a lot of physical things going. How do you overcome that and do what you do?

STACY LEWIS: First, you have to take care of your body. That's the biggest thing. Take care of your body, take care of yourself.

I see a lot of -- we get to do this. We get to go play some pretty great places and some fun environments like this. This is not, I have to go play golf every day.

I just feel really fortunate to be able to have done what I have done. Now I'm at kind of the later part of my career, but I still -- I probably honestly enjoy the golf more now than I have ever have.

It's my time inside the ropes where I can just be me and not be mom or be Solheim Cup captain or anything else. You can just be yourself. I still really enjoy this game.

Q. It's obvious. We also enjoy seeing you.

STACY LEWIS: Thank you. Thank you.

Q. Maria, as a Dow ambassador coming back to this environment, we're seeing the crowds here in this last day. What does it mean to be back in Midland and having this fanfare on this final day here?

MARIA FASSI: It's awesome. I think I've said it so many times. The whole town gets extremely involved with this week, with this tournament. It doesn't matters where you are going, you're seeing something that invites people to come and watch us play.

And to see the commitment that Dow is doing with us players, not with the tournament, it's awesome to see their support. I'm very proud and happy that I get to be an ambassador for such a great company.

Q. We also know you have a special friend with you this week that won your essay contest with Fassi and Friends. Successful week for Mia as well?

MARIA FASSI: Yeah, I might have to talk to her parents and have her on the road with me a little bit more. It's been awesome having her and her dad with us this week.

I think she made things outside of the golf course a lot more fun. Seeing her smile made me smile even bigger, so it was very special. I'm very happy that we were able to do that this week.

STACY LEWIS: I'll say it's been a great perspective for all of us.


STACY LEWIS: Kind of reminds you why you do it.

Q. Obviously you guys play a lot of golf, and are there a lot of courses that end in a par-3 as a finishing hole that you can think of?

MARIA FASSI: Not very many.

STACY LEWIS: Not many, no. I tell you what, this is the perfect setting. It literally is the perfect finishing hole, especially for this tournament and this format.

Maybe when you're playing your own ball it's not, but I think the setting here coming up -- walking around, doing the song, the walk-up songs and all that, I mean, it's such a cool setting.

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