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July 16, 2022

Cheyenne Knight

Elizabeth Szokol

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Cheyenne Knight and Elizabeth Szokol coming off your last round. Another really amazing day for you both. Just tell me how the momentum from earlier this week carried you into today, and what is sort of your expectations before the round and now after?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: I would say on Friday -- Thursday when there was the cut line we made a birdie on the last hole we thought to for sure make the cut. We were so excited. We kind of kept the momentum going from there.

We had a really good day yesterday of alternate shot. I feel like shooting under par is great in alternate shot.

Then today think we both played really solid and didn't make many mistakes and just had some good chances at birdie. It was a lot of fun.

We're great friends, so I feel like the week was so much fun.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: Yeah, Elizabeth made a great putt on Thursday to definitely make the cut, and making seven birdies yesterday in alternate shot is really impressive.

We ham and egged it, I guess like what everyone is saying, really well. Both didn't birdie the same holes, and if one was kind of out of position, the other one would be playing well.

Elizabeth made some great birdies, especially on 14 and 17 coming in, and just we both really played solid and know each other's game, so it was very comfortable.

We didn't really have the best wave the first day, and coming back after that after a bad hole and a top five finish is really great.

Q. Really great. I would like to know as you guys are walking up, you're listening, sort of how does it feel to finish on this amazing atmosphere hole like 18 that the Dow I think really puts together well?

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: We don't have anything like it.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Nothing like it at all. There's no other event like this. A team event getting to play with one of your best friends, walking up that last hole was a lot of fun. And just the music going. We could hear it on 14, starting on 14, and I feel like that was so much fun.

Just a great event. The setup with all the grandstands and all the people out here is amazing.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: Dow and Midland, you know everyone -- like the amount of people that come out and support is great. I have never played with Elizabeth, one of my best friends, in a round ever out here, so getting to be a teammate.

Golf is an individual sport, but actually having a team aspect of it is so much fun and unique. We don't get to do it a lot.

Just the team name and the walk-up music and everything is just really cool and just a tournament, like, never forget.

Q. Just curious, what do you talk about out there on the course?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Everything and anything.

Q. Golf or not golf?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Probably nothing golf-related. I don't think we say one thing golf-related to each other except when we're helping each other read a putt.

Up and down the fairways, nothing golf-related. Like we said, we're really good friends, so I feel like chatting with each other 72 holes is a breeze.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: Talk about her boyfriend. Talk about what we're going to eat. Talk about skincare. We talk about everything.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Just about anything.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: Anything but golf. And dogs. Her dog, Milton.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: And your two dogs.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: Anything. We make fun of our caddies. It's all poking at each other, so it's fun.

Q. I love that. Let's talk about your guys' games a little bit. I heard you arguing a little bit about who carried who. So maybe we can debate who was really bringing it in today, yesterday, and what was sort of the best parts of each of your games specifically?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: I think Cheyenne is just so steady and her short game is unbelievable. I call her Houdini with her short game.

With alternate shot I just felt like I could hit the ball anywhere and she would have no stress with it, which made me play a little freer, which was great. I just have so much confidence in her game.

She was hitting it so good in alternate shot and best ball, and we just had a lot of great looks. But she's just such a steady player, and that was a lot of fun to be her teammate.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: Oh, my gosh. I think Elizabeth got better every day. I mean, today she played amazing. Yesterday she played great. Day before played great too.

I think we kind of talked last night. She kind of found something and she is hitting it straight. I don't think you even missed a fairway today.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: I don't think so.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: I don't think she missed a fairway or a green today. She played great. She definitely carried me on the back nine.


CHEYENNE KNIGHT: I hit some not-Cheyenne shots, kind of squirrely.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Good shots for me some days.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: We both just know each other's game, but just I could just see Elizabeth improve every day, and she's a great putter, and we definitely fed off each other's energy.

Q. Love it. Last question from me. As you said, you think she's getting better every day. You're playing very consistently, as you said. How do you carry these things into the next couple of weeks, the European swing, two Opens coming up, that sort of thing? How does this tournament sort of help with that to get you ready for the next couple of events?

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: I think it's -- you go.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: I think Cheyenne is ready to win. Her game looks awesome. I think she's going to win soon. I have a couple of weeks off so, I'm looking forward to some time at home and keep building off of this and look at the good and the bad and just really practice and work hard and get ready for the next event.

I think Cheyenne is winning soon for sure.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: That's too kind. Too kind. I think always getting to play competitively out here against the best is great, but this golf course is pretty demanding. The soft conditions helped the scoring.

Any time you get to compete I feel like is always a good -- just a good momentum builder before a big stretch that we have coming up, so just get some rest and safe travels over there. Hopefully I get my clubs and everything. That's what's next on the agenda.

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