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July 16, 2022

Shane Lowry

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. You must have mixed emotions after a round that tested your emotional spectrum. What was that like obviously with the two eagles, the opportunity not being quite taken care of?

SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it was a very emotional day. I felt like through the middle of the front nine I was just going along okay, not doing anything great. Obviously 9 and 10 happened and I felt like I was in the tournament. And did well to play my way out of the tournament from there.

Pretty annoyed and pretty pissed off, to be honest. And I keep telling myself and you keep saying all the time that you want to get yourself to the back nine on a Saturday with an opportunity to do something great. And I got myself there today and I didn't perform. So that's very disappointing.

Q. The two eagles, you have to talk through them, because they were extraordinary. But they're also a testament to the magic that's in your hands when you have a wedge in your fingers?

SHANE LOWRY: I hit a poor tee shot on 9 and got a pretty good break and just hit a lovely pitch. It was a nice lie in the rough and I could be fairly aggressive. I knew it was going to spin and hit a lovely shot.

And 10 I hit a great drive and had a straightforward enough pitch. But it was a tricky pin. I was just trying to get as close as I could, and it just came out perfect and went in. Like the putt there, it was pretty cool, and it was good fun when those two went in.

But the rest of the day wasn't so enjoyable. Look, I feel like I played okay, but I don't think it -- wouldn't take Einstein to figure out what went wrong on the back nine. My putting was horrific.

I'm so disappointed to be honest because I worked so hard, and I work so hard to get myself in those positions, and I'm as disappointed as I've been in a long time. To be honest, I wasn't going to come in here, but it's just hard. You feel like you're there, like you've got a good chance.

I shoot 1-under for the last seven holes and I'm very bullish about my chances going into tomorrow. Now I have no chance. It's just very disappointing.

Q. I know it began to go slightly wrong on the 12th. You almost drove the green, and you're going forward, you're looking at the possibility of birdieing, and that turned into a bogey?

SHANE LOWRY: Hit a beautiful pitch there. To be honest, if that rolled another foot it was stiff and it was a birdie. But it didn't, it stayed on top. And I couldn't really stop the putt. Knocked it 6 feet by, missed that one.

And yeah, it was just from there on in, it just wasn't great. I played good, but I just didn't putt good enough. It's not good enough when you put in all those hours every day to give yourself those chances on the back nine of a major on a Saturday and Sunday and you don't perform, you need to look at something.

Look, I'm going to go away. I'm going to have to go to the putting green this afternoon and try to figure out something for tomorrow because it hasn't been good enough all week. If I had holed anything all week I would still be out there playing. I'd be thereabouts with the leaders. Like I said, it just ain't good enough.

Q. Can you clear your mind and just kind of think you have a 64, 65?

SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I do. I'm playing good enough. My game has been good enough all week. To be honest, I think it's a credit to my game the way I fought to be top 20 going into Sunday around here. So, yeah, I'm fairly bullish about if I do figure something out, I could shoot a score tomorrow. But I'm trying my best. Like, I don't have the answer. I don't have the answer.

If I did, I wouldn't need to go to the putting green now. But it's just hard. This game is hard sometimes.

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