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July 15, 2022

Dewi Weber

Pauline Roussin

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk me through some of the challenges out there on the course today.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: I mean, it was -- I don't feel like we've played that bad. We stayed patient. I mean, it was obviously -- the wind was making the course a little bit more difficult I would say with like more tricky shots, so 1-under on the front. I made a couple of mistakes on the couple shots that went right and left, but nothing to worry about.

Then, I mean, what really annoys the crap out of me -- sorry -- are these two double bogeys, because they could have been avoided.

I mean, usually I like to stick to like one bad shot per hole, and on that first par-3 I should have just like maybe like aim at the green and would have taken that bogey and just get out.

I tried something. I mean, so it was good to try, but maybe not the right moment. Then I blame myself on 18 because we were patient, and I just hit it like I lost patience on that shot.

I was just, okay, I'll just bomb it at the pin, but I was aiming right, but at the same time like I had that double thoughts that just like not the right ones on this kind of shot.

Because it's a tricky one. Even if it's a small iron it's a tricky shot. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and hit it right at the pin and just hope for a good putt.

I'll say, I mean, there are lots of good things, I think, and we'll just -- I mean, we're six shots behind?


PAULINE ROUSSIN: That's nothing in four-ball. It's one day. We survived. Then, I mean, we just move on and go on to the next one. What's your opinion on the day?

DEWI WEBER: Yeah, I think the same thing. We just played fine. We didn't make that many birdies, but it's not because we were hitting bad shots. It was just -- it wasn't happening.

Like some putts weren't holed even though like maybe we wanted to, but it's not like we made super dumb mistakes. I think overall we hit, like, two really bad shots, and they just happened to be at holes that we couldn't really afford to do them.

Overall, we didn't play that bad. We played fine, and I feel pretty confident about tomorrow. Not saying confident that we're going to win, but given a good shot for sure.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Exactly. Most of the time even when we had bad shots we just ended up close to the green, and it was pretty fine; and then today we had, like, fewer bad shots, but very -- like (indiscernible).

DEWI WEBER: Just literally two bad shots.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Exactly, that's what I'm saying. Two bad shots, and...

DEWI WEBER: That was it.

Q. Obviously, you two know that you can play well together. You've played well the last two days, and as you say, you didn't really play that bad today. How happy are you that you set yourself up in a good position the last two days, and just how confident do you feel knowing you guys can obviously play well together?

DEWI WEBER: Like I just said, I feel very confident about tomorrow because we actually played quite decent today.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: We know what to do.

DEWI WEBER: I think I start to understand your game a little bit better as well, so I kind of figured for tomorrow, for example, like, I know you love wedges and you like hitting them at small targets, so the very -- lots of holes that we were having here that we have wedges in.

I think maybe tomorrow if I just happen to be a little bit -- go first or whatever, just make sure the ball is on the green so I can let you do your thing. And vice versa, there are things I really like to do.

There's a bit more strategy, I think, than maybe that second day that we played best ball. But yeah, we're just taking that shot by shot, and we'll see how it goes.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Fangs are out. I don't know if that's how you say it in English, but the French say when, like, you know, teeth are out, it's like fangs. Fangs are out. That's how we say it in French.

DEWI WEBER: All gas, no brakes.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Go or go home kind of thing. We'll enjoy ourselves and --

DEWI WEBER: We chose a great walk-up song that we didn't get to enjoy today, so we have a delay.

Q. What's the walk-up song?

DEWI WEBER: "Great Balls of Fire."

Q. Nice. Okay. So going to be a little more aggressive tomorrow is what I'm hearing; is that correct?

DEWI WEBER: Calculated aggression.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Yeah, intelligent aggression. Smart aggression.

DEWI WEBER: Yeah. I think foursomes doesn't really call for that, but four-balls does -- or best ball, I guess. It's just that we know we have each other's back, so it's perfect.


Q. Thank you, guys.

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