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July 15, 2022

Haeji Kang

Tiffany Chan

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Before I get started, I completely forget, what is your team name, Tiff?


Q. HK Squared, Hong Kong, Haeji Kang. I got that. Haeji, I will start with you. Just take me through what these last three days have been like for you two and also today. A little bit of a roller coaster back and forth, but take me through today as well.

HAEJI KANG: Well, it's been very enjoyable playing with Tiffany because she's always been a good friend of mine, so just felt like we were playing just a practice round together.

So it was very chill. We were just joking around. Then, obviously, Tiff's game is right on pointe right now, so I'm getting a lot of advantage from it. We really enjoyed it.

Today we had a lot of birdies, six birdies. We also had a lot of bogeys, but we finished -- we still finished with 1-under, which is fine, and I'm sure we're going to get a lot of birdies tomorrow and have fun.

Q. Tiff, to hear the compliments from your partner, what was going right for you today, do you think?

TIFFANY CHAN: I'm flattered from all the compliments. I think we both are really good friends, as Haeji said, and we really try to enjoy it out there.

It was a little tougher with also the shot with the wind pick up little bit with the green firms up, so on the way I was telling Haeji that I felt like I hit all the drives off the tee, and I only hit probably four iron shots today or five.

But I think we ended up really well. You know, maybe I (indiscernible) a little bit on the last hole, I hit it to the water, but Haeji managed carry me back on the shoulder and we saved bogey on the last hole.

So it's exciting. I appreciate that she asked me as a partner because I have no status this year, so I just try to enjoy this week.

Q. What does that mean to you to be playing this well at an event like this where it can be life-changing for anyone?

TIFFANY CHAN: Like I said in the Vegas match-play last time that all I need is the chance this year. I appreciate it that no one asked me, and Haeji just one day say, hey, Tiff, do you want to partner with me? I said, of course, I want to partner with you.

My number one priority that we set this week is just try to have fun. Don't say sorry. Slap on the hat if we say sorry.

So far we're doing pretty good. One more day to enjoy it, and could be life-changing experience, so who knows?

Q. Any slaps on the hat today?

TIFFANY CHAN: I don't think so.

HAEJI KANG: I don't think so. Yeah. We just try not to say sorry to each auto other.

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah. We did say, my bad, though. We did say, my bad.

HAEJI KANG: Yeah, my bad.

Q. A little bending of the rules for you two. Haeji, Tiff just talked about the struggle, the grind, getting those chances to come out here. What does it mean to see your friend doing well in this kind of format as well?

HAEJI KANG: It's obviously I want my friend to do well and she gets an opportunity out of this, so hopefully I'll do my best and see what happens, and I hopefully help her with her status.

Q. Yesterday a 62 in the best ball format. Tiff, what will you take away from yesterday heading into the final day tomorrow where anything can happen?

TIFFANY CHAN: You just never know. It's best ball, right? I said the reason I play really good yesterday is I feel super comfortable with Haeji out there. Super consistent. Just never make big mistake on big numbers, so I can go be more aggressive.

It's a little different than stroke play, so I can play kind of like how I always do. Try to be a little bit more aggressive.

Tomorrow, who knows. If the wind picks up we might have to be more conservative. We just try to have fun again. That's our first priority.

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