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July 15, 2022

Yealimi Noh

A Lim Kim

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Yealimi Noh and A Lim Kim. Yealimi, we'll start with you today. What sort of were some of the strategies, keys out there to help you guys perform well? You picked up a stroke going into the last day.

YEALIMI NOH: We kept the same strategy. I teed off on the even holes, and she did the odd holes. We kept the same as the first day and kind of played our own game and just let it happen. Wherever we were, we figured it out pretty good and meshed well together.

Q. A Lim, what's your favorite part about playing with Yealimi? What do you enjoy so much with your partner?

A LIM KIM: (Answer in Korean.)

Q. Yealimi, going into the last day where you switched back to the best ball format and you guys are sort of near the top of the leaderboard, does that change the strategy at all, or how -- does it put any pressure on you? Tell me how you're reacting to that?

YEALIMI NOH: Nothing much. I think we'll try to play our best and get as many birdies as possible.

Q. You guys played really good best ball the other day. Take us sort of back. What was the strategy that you used yesterday that you will use tomorrow?

YEALIMI NOH: I would say we kind of just played our own games. Since they're pretty similar, we just were able to go well together. Like if we didn't make any mistakes and just rolled a few putts in on the back nine and was able to get a lot of birdies, so hopefully we can get more tomorrow.

Q. A Lim, which do you prefer? Do you prefer best ball or alternate shot, and why?

A LIM KIM: Best ball.

Q. Tell me why.

A LIM KIM: (Answer in Korean).

Q. What would it mean to you guys tomorrow to go out and have an excellent round and maybe get that trophy at the end? What would that mean, especially this being a team event? A Lim, you can go first.

A LIM KIM: (Answer in Korean.)

YEALIMI NOH: It would be great. It would be a really great memory that we could share, and, yeah, it would be both of our first wins, so that would be pretty cool.

Q. Last question, your walk-up song I hear is "Holla Back Girl." Can you tell me why you chose that song?

YEALIMI NOH: We were going through a bunch of walk-up songs, and that's one that everyone knows and will get everyone excited. It's a good song.

This is the most can pump everyone up.

Q. Thank you so much.

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