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July 15, 2022

Jordan Smith

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK

Mixed Zone

JORDAN SMITH: Have my fingers crossed now.

Q. You're around the cut mark. Hopefully you should be there.

JORDAN SMITH: Hopefully. Just want the winds to pick up, that would be nice. Hopefully luck is on our side.

Q. What sort of score to you think is out there? We've obviously seen 9-under for the lead.

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah. So Adam Scott was 7-under today. He's obviously driven it unbelievably and kept it in the fairways and then managed to hit his wedges close, which is hard to do if you're in the rough.

Yeah, it was tough out there, but I made it a bit tougher with how I putted, unfortunately.

Q. What do you do now? A little bit of work or just have a break?

JORDAN SMITH: Definitely. It will be a bit of lunch, a little sit-down, coffee, then go see the putting coach and hopefully try and figure some things out.

Q. Hoping to find a spark when you do a bit of work like that?

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, all you need to do is start seeing the ball go in the hole, and your confidence comes back. You find it a lot easier. When your confidence goes and you're trying to cozy up to the hole, that's when I'm not putting at my best.

Q. Do you feel there's been more pressure obviously when you're playing in an Open as well and things aren't going necessarily quite like you want?

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah. I mean, I hit it good tee to green. It was just again the putting. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself coming in on the back nine and made a couple of silly bogeys.

But you never know. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Q. What message of support have you had from back home?

JORDAN SMITH: A lot. It's nice having my dad and my wife up here. I've got some family members coming up for the weekend. Hopefully I'll be there to play for them to watch.

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