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July 14, 2022

Matilda Castren

Kelly Tan

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. We are back with Fin-Asia, if I said that correctly. Matilda, I want to start with you. Take me through what this best ball day was like for the both of you.

MATILDA CASTREN: I think we both played really well, which is great for best ball. We had a couple maybe mistakes, but they were on different holes, which is also good for best ball.

I think overall we did really well. We actually missed quite a few opportunities out there, I feel like. So I think we can really have a good weekend and improve from our score today.

Q. Kelly, how important was it to be aggressive on a day like this when scores are definitely in the lower region?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, huge. So our strategy today was I would go first, and I know she's a great ball striker, so knowing that if I just hit the green, she could be aggressive on the second shot, which is very important for us, and I think we executed pretty well today.

Yeah, it was a great day on the golf course.

Q. Matilda, what kind of highlights were there out there for the two of you?

MATILDA CASTREN: Well, off the top of my head, on I think it was 3, par-5, we made eagle. So I hit my second shot first. It was kind of like just off the green. Kelly hit a great shot just in the bunker. Hit a little chip out of the bunker and into maybe 3 feet. I was, like, okay, I can be aggressive with my putt off the fringe.

It went in the hole, so we made eagle. That was really fun. It was cool. The crowds were excited about that too. Yeah, I think that was the highlight for me at least.

Q. I think you both were successful in both of these formats. Kelly, which one is your favorite?

KELLY TAN: I would definitely say the best ball just because it's a lot more relaxed because we both get to hit I feel. But we did really well yesterday with alternate shot, and we look forward to it tomorrow.

Yeah, I definitely take the best ball. What about you?

MATILDA CASTREN: I don't know. I think I would pick alternate shot. I think best ball you just have to make so many birdies, and it can be a little bit stressful because you know you have to just make so many putts.

KELLY TAN: To gain ground.

MATILDA CASTREN: Yeah, to like gain any ground. I think we're really good at alternate shot. You just have to kind of have good strategy. I mean, we've been both playing well and hitting the ball well this week, so I think that might be a format that we have more advantage.

Q. I like the differing opinions. That's nice.

MATILDA CASTREN: Yeah. We complement each other.

Q. Wow. Shirts and all too as well. Matilda, heading into tomorrow, what will you take away from the last two days, especially the strategy you guys had in the first day with the foursomes?

MATILDA CASTREN: Well, I think we can be really relaxed. I mean, we're both hitting the ball really good, making some putts, and kind of, like, we have each other's back when the other one doesn't hit a great shot or whatever.

I mean, we just had a great mentality and having fun on the course, so I think we can have a really relaxed weekend and just go out there and shoot some low scores and be aggressive.

Q. Being able to keep up there in contention, Kelly, what does that mean for you and Matilda to keep fighting and knowing that the scores are out there?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, I think it was super exciting for us today. We kind of had a slow start with three pars and we were, like, we kind of need to get it going, and we did.

That was a really fun day today for us on the golf course. Yeah, I mean, it's a lot of fun. This tournament is just very different than our usual week. To be able to play with my best friend and compete and be in contention, I think it's something that -- I don't know if we can ask for anything else.

Q. Well, thank you both. Best of luck tomorrow.

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