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July 14, 2022

Dewi Weber

Pauline Roussin

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Team French Fry and Apple Pie from what I remember yesterday. What an outstanding day for best ball. You talked with Golf Channel saying that Pauline may say it was balance. You were speaking highly of Pauline, but what was it like for the both of you out there today?

DEWI WEBER: I think mainly we just had a lot of fun.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Yeah. I didn't really think about it. I even asked her, what did we shoot today?

DEWI WEBER: Yeah. Obviously, there's all these scoreboards everywhere, so we knew what we were doing was pretty good, but I don't think we've ever talked about score in these past two days, honestly, or anything like, oh, we need to make more birdies. It just kind of happened.

I don't know about you. I kept thinking, oh, let's get another one as far as birdies go. But not in a pressure kind of way.

Pauline was putting out of her mind and also flushing the ball, so that helps in golf.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Definitely. (Laughing).

DEWI WEBER: We did good.

Q. What also helps is an ace on the scorecard. Pauline, your first on the LPGA. Not your first one in professional golf. What was happening there on No. 7?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Well, it was just a perfect yardage. I had to hit a really good one to get it out there. I guess it drew the perfect way and it had back spin the perfect way, and it went in. We were, like, yea.

Q. A nice way to celebrate Bastille Day and also your mom's birthday.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Especially my mom's birthday.

Q. What club?


Q. How far beyond did you hit it?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Just one past.

Q. 1 meter past?


Q. Dewi, you talked a little bit out there with Kay, so it might be a repeat when I say this, but you guys were talking about not getting upset over shots that you might mis-hit. Can you explain that and what it's like to kind of go through that feeling on -- still at an LPGA event but not getting as foursomes again tomorrow rated as maybe you would have been?

DEWI WEBER: Yeah, I think maybe more so yesterday than today, but even today like I'm going to go back to that trust that I was talking about today. I trust Pauline and her abilities and her skill and her patience, whatever it may be in order to make a good score.

Like, I know she's going to have my back. Also it became quite clear from the first couple of holes that her putting was on pointe today. Again, this helps.

But just, like, it's nice. You're playing almost like a little bit of cushion. Like if I mis-hit the ball, I can ask her, hey, do you mind hitting 3-wood off the tee? Not that that happened today, but I know that's an option, and she's going to be chill about it.

Vice versa, I was, like, hey, you want me to go first and make sure that ball is in the fairway and you just rip one? It's a fun way to approach golf.

Alternatively, I know if she hits maybe a little bit of a mis-hit, like, it's going to be fine because I trust in my abilities and vice versa. I know that, hey, if I -- my driver wasn't really on point today, so it was kind of going everywhere, but I know that her driver was fine, and we're still going to make par even though I hit it in the trees. It's going to be fine.

Having that perspective is I think pretty important for golf in itself, and I always have kind of a hard time finding the perspective when I'm playing by myself, and I'm putting so much pressure on myself, but this way, I don't know, it's nice.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Good practice, I think, for sure for later tournaments. Yeah, it was -- I think that full trust and especially in your short game, because I love watching you, the short game part. Obviously my chipping can be a bit odd sometimes, despite my putting, which was really good today.

Yeah, it was just -- like, I think we started a little bit slow in term of like finding the right balance and the good shots. Like the way we wanted to hit the ball. And, I mean, I told her on second hole, like, I have your back. She pushed it in the water, and I was, like, don't worry about it. It was very simple in that way.

Then after the hole-in-one I was actually telling her, like, when I missed I think a 12-footer on 5 for birdie that leaped out, I mean, I was mad, but at the same time I was, like, okay, just stay patient, and then had birdie, tap-in birdie, on the next hole, and then hole-in-one.

I was, like, that's good proof that we need to stay patient.

Q. Exactly. Pauline, you have France's largest holiday, and your mother's birthday on the same day. Have you normally played on 14 July, or is this one of the first times?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: All the time. I played the last eight years, nine years now during this day because we would always have the European Team Championship or -- I mean, in the European individual sometimes.

But, yeah, we've played around the states quite often, so, yeah, it was -- I mean, it's the first time it's obviously on an LPGA tournament and that I'm actually away from home on this date, but it felt nice. I wanted to do something good so that I could show my mom I was thinking about her on this special day.

Q. Your mom is normally with you when you play on this day?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Yeah, usually in July it's a family reunion, so I have my brother, my parents coming, and, yeah, so I see everyone during this month.

Q. So this is the first time you will have been away from them?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: On the 14th of July, yeah.

Q. Have you ever played this well on 14 of July?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Not that I remember.

Q. I just wonder, did you feel like you were in a zone today? I mean, I know -- I think on 18 you looked at me. You saw I had the camera and you kind of smiled, and I was, like, okay, I think she's in the zone. Then you come down there and you knock in the putt to kind of finish your amazing round. Did you wake up and think, I'm ready to golf today or something? A mindset?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Honestly, I didn't really think about it. We were just having normal conversations, having some laughs out there. And I mean, whenever there's a camera I like to do funny faces. I don't know if I get nervous, but it's just I would rather do a funny face than smile. (Laughing).

Yeah, it was just -- I can talk about anything, and then once I'm on the green, like I step foot on the green or in my routine, it's just -- I'm just doing that. My mind is set up on that putt or the shot that I had to execute. Yeah.

Q. A couple more from me. Dewi, you talked about this trust that you have been building upon and building upon. What will you take away from the last two days as you guys head into foursomes again tomorrow?

DEWI WEBER: We're just going to do more of the same. I know that sounds so boring and I'm so sorry for that, but, like, we're just going to keep doing what we're doing. Yeah. I think what we've been doing has been working really well. I think as long as we keep having fun, which, again, sounds so simple.

But I think sometimes in a tournament that's not this format, we forget a little bit how cool it is that we're out here. This week we both have very much that perspective because it's such a different format, and yeah, we're just going to --

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Just one shot at a time.

DEWI WEBER: Do the same thing.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Just one shot at a time. Just have fun in between shots, and then just do what we have to do once we have to hit the shot. Even if it's on the fairway, on the green, in the trees, just whatever. It's just golf, and we're just having fun playing it.

Q. Pauline, one shot at a time is the worst cliche in golf because everybody says it. How do you do it?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: I guess it helps when you have people around you to just talk to. We're having fun both with our caddies as well, so we created that bubble I would say, and it just helps to think about the next shot once you've hit the previous one.

It sounds boring, but -- it's not easy all the time to do it, otherwise I think everyone would do it. But as cliche as it sounds, it's the truth.

I think it's something that is important to do, and someone told me that at the beginning of the season, and I was doing it a lot at the beginning of the season and then faded away a little bit. And I think it's even more important in this format because, I mean, you just need to keep your head high and just keep going because it's not going to change the previous shot anyway.

Q. That's it for me. Great job today, ladies. Best of luck tomorrow.

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