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July 14, 2022

Sadena Parks

Anita Uwadia

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. That was an awesome round today. Lots of smiles all around. Early morning, but how are you guys feeling right now?

SADENA PARKS: Ready for the weekend really.


SADENA PARKS: Absolutely. I'm happy that Anita is my partner. It was pretty fun. We have similar games, so it made it easier out there. For me, at least. I don't know about for her, but for me for sure.


Q. What was the experience like for you, Anita?

ANITA UWADIA: I loved the format, and the thing is if I don't hit a good drive, she hits it just as long as me. She hits the ball just as good as me.

I had confidence in her, so it kind of freed me up a little bit. I can miss a putt or just swing freely because I knew Sadena was my partner.

Q. How much experience do you have in anything like this? Any sort of team events, any sort of alternate shot or anything like that?

SADENA PARKS: Not much. I think for the practice round we kind of -- we competed in match-play a little bit, which was fun, so we got to see each other's fight and fiery grit that we each have, which is awesome.

We're pretty clutch at times when we need to be clutch, so when I wasn't clutch, she was clutch. When she was clutch, you know --

ANITA UWADIA: That was the great part. If you had to make a par, you made the par. If you hit to make the putt, you made the putt. It wasn't like I we were both making pars. Sometimes I'd make a bogey and she had a five-footer for par and she made it. So it was comforting to know she was by my side.

SADENA PARKS: Yeah, yeah, we really saved each other today. Overall it was fun. Very often, like you said, we don't get opportunities like this, so I'm just happy that we're here, to be honest.

Q. And you're here. Sadena, you won the John Shippen which earned you a spot in this field. What was that competition like, just the overall experience and what Dow and the AJGA and what this group have done to really work on growing change in the face of the game and bringing diversity to the game?

SADENA PARKS: The John Shippen tournament was very wholesome for me. I actually teared up because playing amongst with ladies that look like me and we just create that camaraderie that I don't really feel very often, but we all supported each other.

We all kind of -- we just had this vibe about us that we have known each other since we were two, since growing up. It was very comforting. It was very fun. We're rooting for each other, so it was just an amazing experience.

Q. What do you think of Anita as your partner?

SADENA PARKS: She's a good player. I've been watching her since I met her for the first time. I think it was in the -- it was Symetra at the time.

ANITA UWADIA: Arizona. What do they call it? Shasta.

SADENA PARKS: Uh-huh, and when I met her I saw her hitting balls on the range and I'm like, who is this girl? This little muscle. She's killing balls on the range. I was just very in awe.

From then on I watched her, and she played well at the John Shippen. She didn't have the best last day, but I know what she's capable of. I chose Anita just because I felt like she's the next best thing, and I wanted to work with that.

Q. How did you feel when you got the call, Anita?

ANITA UWADIA: I was surprised. I'm not going to lie to you.

SADENA PARKS: Who did you think I was going to pick?

ANITA UWADIA: We never talked about it. That's why I didn't know at all. I played pretty bad, and look at me, I'm

switching up jobs. Like, mom, I'm done with this form. I'm switching up jobs. Next thing I know I hear my name. I'm, like, what? Everyone is looking at me, and I'm, like, oh, I guess my job search is going to have to wait.

SADENA PARKS: Yeah, yeah.

ANITA UWADIA: I was surprised. At the same time I know Sadena's game. I was excited for it at the same time.

Q. Did you have to pick on the spot?

SADENA PARKS: I chose to pick on the spot. I knew exactly who I wanted. I don't waste time. I have played this sport for a really long time. I know this sport. I grew up watching Ben Hogan. I just know the game. I'm a nerd for the game.

ANITA UWADIA: You didn't tell me you were that old. (Laughing).

SADENA PARKS: How about this? I grew up watching his clips. Come on now. It wasn't live. (Laughing). I'm 58. Over here yelling. Say it with your chest.

It's just, like I just knew from the start. Like I said, we have similar games and she has this focus about her, and I can tell that she wants it. It's so much easier when you find out who wants it, and you just grab them right away and make sure they stay in the game as long as possible because we are an influence. We are an example.

I just want to make sure that we prove ourselves out here. That's it.

Q. Overall, Anita, this is a great opportunity. You're still young. You're still coming up on the Epson Tour. To get out here and get reps, to get yourself some practice out here, how do you feel with the state of the game and the confidence in your game right now?

ANITA UWADIA: There's definitely confidence there. In terms of knowing that you belong out here, you know, I mean, seeing girls hit on the range, putting, you know, seeing how they work their way around the golf course and seeing the way you work your way around the golf course.

There's nothing different. You're just consistent and you get that figured out and just play golf. Enjoy it and not put so much pressure on yourself; you're going to be out here.

It just shows me that I'm good enough to be here, basically.

Q. Well, you're back to best ball tomorrow. Another good day today. You were 1-under yesterday on the round. What have you learned about each other's games that you think now will help you? You've got a round of best ball underneath you. I'll start with you, Anita, as you head into tomorrow's round.

ANITA UWADIA: What do I -- what did we learn about each other's games?

Q. That you think will help for a better best ball round tomorrow. Not that yesterday was a bad round.

SADENA PARKS: I need to make more putts. I'll tell you that. I'll tell you my game. Oh, my gosh. It's just -- it's just -- you know, when it comes to this game, it's all about dropping putts.

But Anita, she has this grit and focus that I love off the tee that is so relieving for me. There's a few shots that get away, which happens to all of us, but I feel her -- I love her confidence off the tee. That's something I learned about her game, and I'm just going to work with that for tomorrow for sure.

ANITA UWADIA: In terms of Sadena, you say putting, but everyone has a bad putting day every once in a while.

SADENA PARKS: Okay. Two days in a row. Gotcha.

ANITA UWADIA: You were steady though. That gives me some comfort because I know she's not going to spray it like, oh, God, never seen that shot before. Every shot I see, if you miss it, you're in the trees or just a little bit off the fairway.

I know that we're going to have a shot. As long as -- with alternate shot I'm, like, as long as I have a shot, I know she's going to give me a shot. Even if it's the worst shot, I'm still going to have a shot. That gives me some comfort.

I just like how we play steady. Yesterday we didn't make a lot of putts. Even today. Or a lot of birdies. At the same time we didn't throw ourselves out of it by making bogeys. I just like that steadiness to our games.

Q. You are playing with someone who has baller on her hat, so...

ANITA UWADIA: She is a baller. She talks it and walks it. Hole No. 1, she told her caddie she was going to chip in. Guess what she did? Chipped in. I'm, like, dang, calling your shot out here.

SADENA PARKS: You have to have the confidence out here. Golf is such a mental sport, and we tend to beat ourselves up. I learned the hard way. Once you start talking negatively to yourself, all that stuff comes true, so why not speak positively about yourself?

ANITA UWADIA: I like Sadena's confidence.

SADENA PARKS: See the best in yourself. I'm excited. I think tomorrow is going to be lit. We made it to the weekend. I know people are like don't say just make it to the cut. I say that a lot, but we did. It's an accomplishment, and now we're just going to go out and just see what we can do. Shoot low.

Q. Well, thank you guys so much.

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