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July 14, 2022

Karrie Webb

Marina Alex

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Another successful round. Easily made it through the weekend. Karrie, I'll start with you. Over the last two days like...

KARRIE WEBB: Super fun. We had a really good time. I hadn't felt that much adrenaline as I did the first few holes yesterday, so it just took a little bit to settle in.

We didn't get off to the best start, but we finished ed really well yesterday, and then carried that over to today. It was good. We had lots of laughs out there, and yeah, it was just a really relaxed atmosphere.

Q. There was one particular laugh on the first tee yesterday.

MARINA ALEX: My partner got a good prank in before we teed off. She hit an amazing tee shot after all that because she couldn't stop laughing, but it was pretty funny. Not what I expected on the first tee.

Q. Keeps you on your toes.

MARINA ALEX: Definitely.

Q. It's supposed to be a light, fun week anyway, right?

MARINA ALEX: Yeah, it has been. It's been great.

Q. How are your games balancing out against each other?

KARRIE WEBB: Great today.

MARINA ALEX: Yeah, today we really did awesome.

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah. There was one hole that we were both sort of out of position and we made a bogey, unfortunately. We both -- a lot of holes we both had looks, so I think it sort of took the pressure off.

MARINA ALEX: Yeah. Holes that maybe I had a little bit further away for birdie, but then would hit up there and have tap-in and make my par, and that kind of freed her up to make more of a midrange putt.

And then she hit some amazing shots. No. 4, awesome shot there. 16 was a great shot. It was just -- we just happened to do a good job of not birdieing the same holes.

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, we combined really, really well. That was good.

Q. Did you practice at all together ahead of time, have any strategy sessions, anything?

KARRIE WEBB: We play together a lot in South Florida, and we practiced a couple of days last week. When we play when we go out in a foursome, we play best ball anyway, so today is a lot easier than foursomes.

Foursomes is sort of an uncomfortable format. You never really get into any sort of flow. Yesterday we had the umbrella. We got lucky in the afternoon, but we still had the umbrella up a couple of times.

Yeah, even when your partner hits it up to two and a half, three feet, because you didn't hit that putt and you don't have the feel of the putt, and then you've got to hit the two- or three-footer. It's just an awkward format. You don't play it hardly ever. I played it a lot as an amateur, but, yeah, it's an uncomfortable format.

MARINA ALEX: Yeah, we -- I think we did honestly pretty well yesterday. Got top of to that slow start in alternate shot. It is uncomfortable if you don't really feel like settled and you hit a bad shot, and then you kind of just don't want to put your partner in a bad position.

So there's a lot of those -- I was telling her today, I hit two putts, one yesterday and one today, that I swear if I was just playing by myself I would have never hit those in a tournament. It just happened.

That's just kind of part of it. But it's okay. That's why you have a partner.

Q. Exactly. It's not a normal round, the normal way you play golf.

MARINA ALEX: No, it's not.

Q. The crowds here look great. Today, even yesterday in the rain. You both played this event before I know, but this always seems like a fun event. It's great to have the fans out. What's it like being out, especially now that we're back to quote-unquote normal with having some fans out there?

KARRIE WEBB: It's good. It's really good. I think one year I would love to see this event be Saturday/Sunday because I think we would get really, really great crowds to have a full weekend, but they're supporting it great so far, and hopefully the weather holds out, and we have a good weekend.

MARINA ALEX: It's just a good community here. They love coming. I'm sure that it's going to be rocking and rolling this weekend. It will be good.

Q. Well, you're back to the dreaded alternate shot tomorrow.

MARINA ALEX: I don't know how much it's dreaded. I think we got our little kick that rust off there early.

KARRIE WEBB: Yeah. I think we'll be a lot better tomorrow.

Q. Good. Love it. Thanks so were. Appreciate it.

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