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July 14, 2022

Pavarisa Yoktuan

Pornanong Phatlum

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with team Boba Milk Tea. Can't forget that one. I want to start with Pavarisa. You walked in and said, oh, my gosh, it was all Pornanong today. Just take me through some of the highlights today.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: She made lots of birdies today, yeah, like more than me. I think we both -- yeah, we help each other. It's kind of like half and half. We miss some, but the good thing is when she missed, I make something, or when I miss, she makes something.

We help each other pretty good, yeah.

Q. I was going to say, looking at the scorecard, you did have a number of birdies, but the two that you made were on the ones she did not. Definitely a team effort out there. Pornanong, what was today like for you?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: For me we go for like relaxed playing today. Like we tried to go, like, for the target for today too.


PORNANONG PHATLUM: And just do our best. We played pretty good today.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Pretty good, yeah.

PORNANONG PHATLUM: Just missed some putts too, but yeah.

Q. Pavarisa, you guys talked about yesterday how important it is to go a little bit more aggressive on a day like this. How would you think you rated in that aspect?

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Well, we try. We try. Like I said, it's a good effort. When you try to play aggressive, even though you missed, but it's still in there. We didn't really lay up. We just went for everything.

It turned out pretty good because I know today all the scores will be very low. You can see, like, 8-under, 9-under over there. I think, yeah, 6-under is pretty good.

Q. It is for exactly where you want to be on the leaderboard. Pornanong, what will you take back to the last two days as you switch back to the foursome format tomorrow?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: I think we're going to stick to the same thing.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Same thing, yeah.

Q. Well, thank you both.

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