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July 14, 2022

Yealimi Noh

A Lim Kim

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Yealimi, before I break it down, what, again, is your team name?

A LIM KIM: Giant Lims.

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, Giant Lims. Both of our names kind end with the lim, and we're both pretty big, I guess, so Giant Lims.

Q. I think I remember that was the same team name as last year as well.

YEALIMI NOH: It is, yeah.

Q. Well, A Lim, 30s abound today in the best ball format. How did you feel in today's round?

A LIM KIM: (Answer in Korean.)

Q. How did you feel in today's round, Yealimi?

YEALIMI NOH: It was a lot of fun. It's always fun with a A Lim. She's such a great partner. Always there to support and be really positive.

I was able be to really feed off of her energy and just play well. We started out a little slow and then got into it during the back nine, and it was a lot of fun.

Q. I was going to ask, when did you really feel it click for the two of you?

YEALIMI NOH: I think -- so on 10 -- we made the turn on 1 and then 2. We just started making more putts. We were hitting it pretty good overall on the front, so just started rolling in the putts and kept the momentum going.

Q. A Lim, I believe last year was your first time at this event with Yealimi. How much do you take away from last year's performance as you prepared for this year?

A LIM KIM: (Answer in Korean).

YEALIMI NOH: We actually started out the same right now. Our scores are the same as last year.

Q. Really?


Q. Yealimi, was it an easy ask when you wanted to do this team event with A Lim?

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, of course. I wouldn't think of doing it with anyone else.

A LIM KIM: Oh, thank you.


Q. And for you guys preparing this year, Yealimi, take us through, was there any strategy between the last two days? Did you think about anything from last year where you guys excelled?

YEALIMI NOH: We did follow the same order. Like me on evens and her teeing off on odds. I don't know if we will do that tomorrow, but we'll just kind of go with it.

Our games are pretty similar, so I feel like there's not much to discuss. We just kind of hit it where it ends up, and it's usually okay.

Q. Yealimi, since this event last year we have seen you on a big team scale in the U.S. Solheim Cup. Kind of any memories flood when you are playing alongside a friend like A Lim in those big team experiences when it comes to team events?

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, we play a lot together a lot too in regular rounds. We actually live pretty close to each other. We haven't played that many rounds, but we did play in the beginning.

Yeah, it's just nice. It's really comfortable, and it's definitely a different environment that we're in, but I think it's such a nice little break too from just competitive individual golf, so it's been really nice. Hope to just continue this good energy.

Q. A Lim, how much team experience do you recall kind of growing up and having fun with it and then being able to play it on this scale on the LPGA?

A LIM KIM: (Answer in Korean).

Q. For you, Yealimi, what will you take away from the last two days as you go back to the foursome format tomorrow? Any changes from Wednesday?

YEALIMI NOH: Maybe. I don't think we'll change too much. We left a lot of putts and birdies out there on the first day, so overall, it's pretty good right now, so just keep doing what we're doing.

Q. All right. Thank you both. Great job today.

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