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July 14, 2022

Morgane Metraux

Celine Herbin

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. I want to start off first with you, Morgane. This team name between the two of you.

MORGANE METRAUX: Yes, our name is Croissant Chocolate. It's a mix between France and Switzerland.

Q. I love it. Celine, when did this partnership come together, and what was it like teaming up with Morgane over the last couple of days?

CELINE HERBIN: It was awesome to play with Morgane the last two of days. We actually talk about play together quite early in the season, and we thought it would be nice to be able to speak French and speak together during that tournament. So it was awesome, yeah.

Q. Celine, you've been here a couple of times before, but Morgane, this is your first time in this team event. What's it been like being here in Midland and also getting used to this LPGA official tournament?

MORGANE METRAUX: I absolutely love team play. I think there should be a lot more of it. I'm all for it.

In Europe being an amateur we had a lot of it. It was just the best thing. I always looked forward to it. Representing a team or, you know, playing for something bigger than just yourself is just something I really enjoy.

I really love whatever the format, but this format is great. It's fun because obviously the foursome is a little bit more stressful. You don't want to mess up for the other one, but today we could really go for it. We really complete each other's game really well.

When one was making a mistake, the other was really saving it. Yeah, it was really fun today.

Q. Definitely. For you, Celine, what is it about Morgane's game that you think both of your strengths really complement each other on this type of format?

CELINE HERBIN: It's clear that we -- we have very good -- we have very good long games, really steady, so we know that we can count on each other.

We had some good feeling on the putts also, so I really think that --

MORGANE METRAUX: She made a lot of putts.

CELINE HERBIN: She did too. We create a very good team, I think. I look forward to the weekend.

Q. A lot of birdies out there for the both of you. Just take me through some of the highlights that you saw from today's round.

MORGANE METRAUX: For myself or for both?

Q. For both.

MORGANE METRAUX: I think, as I said, she putted really well. She made quite a few longer ones. When we were closer together she always made it first so I didn't have to putt. That just was really nice for me. That happened a few times.

Yeah, we stuck a few pins. I had a really close one on 17 where I had about a foot and a half.

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, that was a very nice shot. I really thought it was going to go in for two on 17, so it was very nice.

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, just the whole game was really steady. There wasn't massive fireworks, but there weren't anything --

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah. And really we were never in a position that a bit struggling to save par. Like we were very quite steady, so that was --

MORGANE METRAUX: Stress-free round.


Q. Celine, it sounds like your putter was on fire today from some of the longer distances. What were some of the best putts that you holed out on there?

CELINE HERBIN: I'm not sure that's true. I was lucky with the putting today. It was nice.


CELINE HERBIN: 16, yeah, 16 was a nice one. Yeah, on the -- yeah.

MORGANE METRAUX: Even sometimes for par she would make it, so I didn't have to do the four-footer. Just making it nice and easy for me.

Q. Celine, did you give Morgane any advice going into this week with the kind of formats or any game plan from your experience the last couple of years here in Midland?

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, the choice for the foursome is quite strategical because can only one player is going to putt more; the other is going to have more long game.

Because I had played here before, that's true that it helped me a bit to know that from the start.

It's a very nice golf course. It's very true, so I think Morgane adapt herself very quickly, actually, to that course. I didn't have to give a lot of advice, I have to say.

Q. Morgane, what will you guys focus on as you switch back to the foursomes game plan? What will you try to take away from yesterday as you go into tomorrow?

MORGANE METRAUX: We were actually talking about it on the course today. I think we just struggled to get in the rhythm at the start.

When you only hit half of the shots there's so much time in between either two full swings or two putts. It's hard to get into a rhythm. I think now that we went through it, I think we're going to know how to approach it a bit better tomorrow.

Yeah, I mean, we have confidence in both of our games, I think, and we know that if something doesn't quite happen, the other one can always save something.

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, that's definitely I think our strength. We can count on each other definitely. We believe really a lot in the game of the other, so that's a strength.

And obviously we learned from yesterday, so I do believe that tomorrow we're going to be a better team than yesterday during foursome.

Q. Absolutely. Thank you, guys, for coming in and best of luck tomorrow.

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