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July 13, 2022

Jillian Hollis

Lauren Stephenson

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Lauren and Jillian. Second year in a row that the two of you are teamed together in this event. Lauren, I'll start with you because it is your birthday. How did it feel after day one here at the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational?

LAUREN STEPHENSON: It was so fun. To get to play golf on my birthday is so special, and to get to play with my best friend is even better.

We had a really fun time. For alternate shot we had a pretty easy day, so no complaints. We're probably going to have a good dinner and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. Jillian, five birdies on the card overall, I believe.


Q. What was working so well out there, and where did you really feel comfortable on the course?

JILLIAN HOLLIS: I felt very comfortable on the putting greens. I like these greens a lot. We just ham and egged it today. Lauren hit a lot of amazing shots and I made some of the putts. She made some great putts.

Just kind of flowed very nicely. We were laughing out there today, so it's always fun when you are having a good time.

Q. Lauren, you guys did considerably well last year with your T12 finish. When you went into this week and into today, especially with it being alternate shot, was there any strategy that you took from your performances last year, or no?

LAUREN STEPHENSON: No. I mean, I think we learned last year that we play really well together. I trust every part of her game. I mean, every time she was hitting, I was off in the woods somewhere walking really far ahead because I just knew it was going to be good, so I wasn't really having to stress too much. (Laughing).

I feel like having trust in your partner is always key, especially in alternate shot. We knew what holes we wanted to tee off on, which is the only really important part in the strategy, and it worked out really well for us.

Q. Jillian, some impressive birdies out there today. What were some of the highlights?


JILLIAN HOLLIS: 17 was pretty cool.

LAUREN STEPHENSON: She made a 40-footer on 17, so it was really nice.

JILLIAN HOLLIS: That was super nice. I mean, the day went by very fast. It was her birthday. I've been telling everyone it's her birthday all day. (Laughing).

LAUREN STEPHENSON: She's trying to embarrass me.

JILLIAN HOLLIS: Always. No, but it was good. I made a long one on 9 and another one early. We hit great shots today. I don't think we were chipping very much. Maybe, like, one or two times.

It was good. I mean, we had a very steady day and the rain stayed away for the most part, so it was good. It was fun.

Q. What is it about this course, Lauren, that you guys like the best and you think brings out kind of some of the best play?

LAUREN STEPHENSON: I think it's just a ball striker's golf course. Especially in alternate shot you have to hit good shots. Like Jillian said, we really didn't chip all day. The one bogey we made I hit kind of a rogue drive.

In alternate shot you can make a bogey because it's going to happen. Everyone is going to make a mistake out there. She kind of put it back in play, and we just rolled from there and kept making birdies, so it wasn't a big deal.

Yeah, I mean, you just got to hit good golf shots and trust that your partner has got your back if you miss the green or hit it in the trees.

JILLIAN HOLLIS: I think we really like that we get to play together all day and talk to each other. The format is super fun.

Q. How nice is it to have a team event like this on the schedule? I know it's the third edition of it, the second time that you guys are playing together. We don't see this on a week-to-week basis. Is it nice to kind of feel that laid-backness, but also know that you are still going for a win?

JILLIAN HOLLIS: So fun, yeah. This is like the most fun week of the year for sure. For me, yeah. (Laughing).

LAUREN STEPHENSON: I think it just puts you in a really great mindset. Sometimes when you are out there by yourself it can be kind of all-consuming and you're kind of worried about where you're at on the leaderboard or whatever.

When you are just hanging out with your friend all day it kind of feels like a casual round. It makes it a lot of fun.

JILLIAN HOLLIS: We were more worried about our dinner plans than our golf shots today, which is always a good thing. It's good to have good chats and everything going on while you're playing.

Q. I'll leave the last one open to either of you. Tomorrow, different format. Is there any change of game plan, or what's the strategy as you take on tomorrow?

LAUREN STEPHENSON: I don't think so. I mean, just make birdies. I know she's going to roll in some 40-footers all day tomorrow, so I'm excited to watch.

I like to be a cheerleader when she's making those putts.

JILLIAN HOLLIS: Me too. Shoot, you made some long ones today too. What is she talking about?

Yeah, it will be fun. Just making birdies and playing our own ball will be fun too. We won't be as close to each other all day, but it will be good. It will be fun.

Q. All right. Well, great job today, ladies. Best of luck tomorrow.



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