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July 13, 2022

Frida Kinhult

Linnea Johansson

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Frida and Linnea. I just learned the Team Swedish Fish. Love that. I know you two are pretty good friends off the course, Frida, but when did this partnership come to be and when was the ask officially made?

FRIDA KINHULT: I guess we started to talk about it pretty early this year, but I know Linnea played with another Swedish girl last year, but then she's playing more on LET and Epson this year. Lucky enough, I got her on my team.

Q. I love that. Linnea, what's it like playing next to Frida in an event like this?

LINNEA JOHANSSON: It's just great. We have become pretty good friends the past couple of years playing together both out here and a little bit on the Epson Tour, so it's great.

It's a good girl to be around both on and off the golf course. We just have a chill and nice time together.

Q. I can see that. I feel every person we bring up here the smiles are just plastered on each other's faces. After a round like today, I would probably have the same kind of smile. Frida, what were some of the highlights for the two of you?

FRIDA KINHULT: We played pretty solid, both of us today. We didn't really have to save a lot -- maybe saved two pars. It was just easy-going, stress-free. Stress-free golf even in a foursome, which is always a positive.

We hit a couple of good shots, made a couple of birdie putts and just tap-in pars on the other holes. Looking forward for tomorrow. It's going to be a good one chasing birdies.

Q. Three birdies on the card today. Linnea, just take me through what was working so well on those holes.

LINNEA JOHANSSON: I feel like we just stayed patient all the time. This format is a little bit -- you know, you don't hit that many shots and it can take a couple of holes before you hit a driver or an iron, but we created chances when we got opportunities, and we took advantage of them and made birdies on the chances that we had.

Other than that, we tried to find the fairway, find the green, and then good speed control on the putting both of us, which made that par putt short and easy and tap-in, which made it a little stress-free.

I think, yeah, pretty good all day.

Q. Frida, this is your first time here at Midland Country Club. What was it like preparing for this week in the practice rounds, and where do you think it lends best for your game?

FRIDA KINHULT: It's a really good course and it's fun to play team events, and having Linnea with me in the practice rounds, you know, she's played here before. It's always good to have someone that's played the course.

I mean, it's a good course. It's not super long, which is nice, but it's a good mix of holes and super healthy and in good condition. Any course like that is always going to be fun to play.

Q. Linnea, was there any sort of strategy set for today?

LINNEA JOHANSSON: Maybe a little bit. Frida likes to analyze a lot of things, and so she went through all the holes, like, okay, if you hit evens, you get that many drives, and if you don't do that, you get that many approach shots.

We knew what was going into it and I know how many approach shots I was going to have, and she knows how many approach shots or drives or whatever. It worked out pretty well.

Frida is hitting her irons very, very well, so we took that to an advantage, and we're trying to keep my drives on the fairway. I think a good strategy on our decision today.

Q. Frida, have you always been that kind of analytical when it comes to team events?

FRIDA KINHULT: Don't get me started. (Laughing). I'm crazy with numbers and stats and stuff like that. I do it for fun, and it seems like it worked out good today. Just happy.

Q. I was about to say, definitely worked out in your favor. Linnea, with two balls in the air tomorrow, what's the game plan for you both, or is there any kind of game plan?

LINNEA JOHANSSON: I think two balls, and you get two chances on every hole, and I think that's going to be one of the key things for tomorrow. Really create two good chances on every hole so we both are putting for birdie.

Pretty much stay aggressive, find the fairway, and try to hit as close as possible. Like I said, have two chances on every hole, and eventually hopefully they drop for us.

Q. Absolutely. Well, thank you both for coming through, and best of luck the rest of the week.


LINNEA JOHANSSON: Thank you so much.

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