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July 13, 2022

Katherine Kirk

Amy Olson

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Amy Olson and Katherine Kirk. Amy, I want to start with you. Take me through what this day one was like for you two?

AMY OLSON: It was a little interesting. We had, obviously, the rain to start with, and it was really soft, played really long our first couple of holes, and then just had to sit and wait around for a little bit, but I think that worked out pretty well for us.

We came out and made a few birdies after the rain delay and got some momentum going.

Q. Kat, definitely some birdies coming off of that bogey on No. 10. Take me through what was working so well between you two on both of those holes?

KATHERINE KIRK: Amy hit some great shots in. We rolled a birdie in on 11.

AMY OLSON: You rolled a birdie in, yeah.

KATHERINE KIRK: A bunker shot in on 12. That made it easy. It was practically a kick-in. She had a great shot in on 13. Helped me read the putt.

It was a good team effort out there today.

Q. Definitely. I feel like the smiles haven't left your face, Amy, since you have come out here. Even though you're going for the win, it's definitely a more laid-back, chill, fun event. What's this week like for the both of you?

AMY OLSON: It's really fun. It's fun to be able to play with one of your best friends.

I think for me, it was interesting. We bogeyed the first hole, and the first thing I did was smile because I'm, like, it's fine. That's not your typical response when it's just you, right?

There is just something about having a partner, someone who has your back, and you're, like, it's going to be fine, we got this that kind of helps you almost boost yourself up while you're trying to lift your teammate up.

Q. We've seen you both in the last two editions of this tournament. Kat, just what were some of the strategies that you might have talked about going into the foursomes today? You have definitely seen Midland. You are comfortable here. Was there any kind of game plan or strategy as you worked through the foursomes?

KATHERINE KIRK: We probably sat down more last year to figure it out. The first year we played we struggled a little bit. I thought our game plan last year was great. We kind of just went with the same deal today. Amy off the odds. Me off the evens.

It works out, actually. You get basically four wedge shots each. Yeah, we've got a lot of faith in I'm other that you can hit any shot out there and make any putt. That helps, definitely. Yeah.

AMY OLSON: I made her hit almost every shot. I'm kidding. I put any a couple of spots.

KATHERINE KIRK: I put you in some doozies too. You can make bogeys in alternate shot, and, yeah, thankfully we made enough birdies today to override it.

Q. Being able to finish at 2-under par is a feat compared to some of the scores out there. What's the game plan with the two balls in the air tomorrow?

AMY OLSON: You can be a little bit more aggressive in best ball, which is really fun. It's a lot about making birdies because you know somebody has your back.

Hopefully just fire at pins and make some birdies.

Q. Katherine, just the community of this event, we saw a lot of rain this morning, and then all of a sudden these crowds coming back in the afternoon. As a Dow ambassador, what's it like to keep coming back here and see this community? You really embrace this tournament atmosphere.

KATHERINE KIRK: It's really neat. This is basically a home event for me. I just dragged Amy into that fold too.

Yeah, awesome to see so many people out. We actually had our charity following us today. We have the Saginaw Partnership Center. I think they were saying a few prayers for us. It was just good to see them out there and enjoying the day, too.

Q. Good job today, ladies. Best of luck tomorrow.


AMY OLSON: Thanks.

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