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July 13, 2022

Kelly Tan

Matilda Castren

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with team Fin-Asia. A 1-under for you today, guys. Take me through what this round was like for you?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, I think alternate shot is the tougher of the two. I thought we ham and egged really good today. We hit the ball pretty good. We didn't really put each other in an awkward situation.

But I felt like when we missed the green, you know, one of us would try and get it up and down for each other.

We played really well today.

Q. Matilda, what was it like playing alongside Kelly? I know you are best of friends, and I know that she had a certain question for you earlier this year as well.

MATILDA CASTREN: Yeah. It was really fun. We were supposed to play together last year but I had a little change of schedule. I had to go to Finland to play the LET event, so I'm really happy that we got to do it this year.

It's so relaxing to play with her. We're so close, and I know if I don't hit the best shot, she has my back.

Yeah, I think our games go really well together. It did today, so, yeah, it was a really fun day.

Q. I know, Kelly, that you two, best friends on and off the course, and Matilda is your maid of honor coming up for your wedding in December. What's it like being able to play alongside your best friend?

KELLY TAN: Super fun, like she said. We had a lot of fun on the course, and, yeah, it's a big day coming up for me in December, and hopefully I have my best friend helping me plan it out.

So I think it will be a great day. We look forward to it.

Q. Matilda, how much strategy went into getting ready for the foursomes round? Obviously, it is a little bit more difficult than the four-ball round that we'll see tomorrow, but just was there any game plan or strategy that the two of you came up with?

MATILDA CASTREN: We played the practice rounds together. We did nine holes on Sunday and nine again on Monday. We're just kind of -- actually, we practiced the alternate shot a little bit. I think, like, six holes we played each other's shots. It was really natural.

It wasn't really any, like, really, really strong argument for either, like which one tees off the first or second or odds or evens.

It was really easy because our games are very similar. We both have a lot of strengths. I mean, yeah, it worked out really well, and I think we're going to keep it for Friday as well.

Yeah. I don't know what else to say. It worked well. It didn't require a lot of planning.

Q. How nice is that to be able, Kelly, to be able to kind of feel more comfortable on the course without maybe even thinking about it too much?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, we were actually just talking about it walking up 18 today. Just knowing that, again, like she said, I know she's not going to get upset if I hit a shot that put her in a weird position and vice versa.

We're just going to try and bail each our out as much as we can, where it's just so much fun.

Q. Matilda, just thinking about you last year at this point having to go over to Finland to play that Finnish event and now to be here in the position that you are in playing alongside a friend like Kelly, what's this like for you knowing that this may be a nice laid-back week maybe opposed to this time last year?

MATILDA CASTREN: It's really cool. I was really looking forward to this event last year, and I was sad that I didn't get to play it.

This year I made sure that it fits my calendar. I think I asked Kelly, like, early in February, we're playing together, right? It kind of came up with some of the other players that were talking. I just assumed we were together, and I texted her and she's, like, yeah, I just assumed too.

KELLY TAN: Yeah, it was formal then.

MATILDA CASTREN: Then it was official.

KELLY TAN: Official, I guess, yeah.

MATILDA CASTREN: It was really fun. I love playing different kinds of formats. This is the only one we get to play all year that's different from, like, stroke play. It's a fun week. I'm glad I get to enjoy it with her.

KELLY TAN: I just want to add to that. I know she's a very humble person. She's had an amazing year, and it's amazing for me to watch as a best friend how well she's done.

And, yes, you know, when she said I couldn't play with you last year, I wasn't upset because I knew going over to Finland, winning a tournament so that she could play on the Solheim Cup is probably going to be a career-changing moment for her, so I was totally understanding.

I'm just super proud of you as a friend. Yeah, it's an honor to be playing it with your best friend, your maid of honor, and a world-class player like her.

MATILDA CASTREN: Look at my partner. She's just like a dream to be with.

KELLY TAN: Love you.

MATILDA CASTREN: Couldn't ask for any better.

Q. With that, I'll conclude. Best of luck for this week, guys, and great job out there today.

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