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July 12, 2022

Ariya Jutanugarn

Moriya Jutanugarn

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Welcome back inside the virtual media center the Dow GLBI with the Jutanugarn sisters. I want to start off with our defending champions and Mo. When you think about last year and winning this event and the two 59s you two were able put on the card, what were some of the memories you think of?

MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Actually I forget about we shooting 59 twice last year. It was amazing like memories. We having fun. We had a lot of like -- it's a lot of experience, fun, and got to spend time with my sister for four days. It's a lot, pretty much all week. It's just like one of the best memories between us I think.

THE MODERATOR: Ariya, what are some highlights you remember when you think about this event last year?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I would say my last hole on like on the last day because it's like par-3. I miss it a bit, so I think off the green and then I hit first, hit before my sister, and I expect my sister to hit it pretty close but she put the it in the water, so it's pretty fun.

Especially I know I have to make like two-putt. It was so much fun to play with my sister, and last year was like our second time play together in this event.

THE MODERATOR: Mo, I think I remember us talking last year about when this kind of event became a thing in 2019 there was no question you two wanted to play together. What's it like to go on three years of this event of playing together with your sister? What are some of the pros and are there any cons?

MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Well, of course if I want to play team events I want to play with my sister, because we probably like -- I mean, I don't want to say we not fight. Of course we fight a lot. It's just like you know you got to share the moment together.

And also, you know, like I don't have to play and feel guilty or sorry because she going to do the same thing to me. It was like that kind of thing makes you feel comfortable. You feel fun on the golf courses, and I think that's very important.

THE MODERATOR: Ariya, for you, I posed the question the pros and cons of playing with your sister. What's it like playing with Moriya, and where did you think both of your golf strengths fit in?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I would say I'm not worry when I miss the shot. Doesn't mean I'm going to trust she going to get up and down anything. Just feel no guilty, can do whatever, so feel really free.

Doesn't matter how sometime I hit really bad shot, I still feel okay because I know my sister not going to yell at me. She might yell at me, but she doesn't mean that, so I can do whatever.

MORIYA JUTANUGARN: She doesn't care.

THE MODERATOR: This is a more laid-back tournament. As you prepared for this event, what are you working on? Moriya, I'll start with you.

MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Well, for me, I just like, you know, it's just normal thing as I've been working on my game, on my swing, short game stuff, and still doing that. You know, hopefully I put together some of the events and then it come out good.

THE MODERATOR: Ariya, for you, with half the season down, half to go, being able to come into this event, what are you hoping to get out of your game as we get into the onslaught of the summer season?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: You know, I've been working on my swing a bit last few months, and I have injured like few months ago. I just try to get healthy so I can play stronger.

Q. I was just going to ask about the injury. How do you feel and do you feel like the swing is where you want it?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I would say getting much better. I just have to keep exercise so I'm not like injured anymore. With my swing, it's just like same stuff I have to working on.

Q. And the two of you, I want to talk about the fighting for a second. There are a lot of partnerships out here who want to fight but can't. You guys can because you know you're going to leave and be sisters. Does that help?

MORIYA JUTANUGARN: I think so. I think like play as a team, first thing you have to trust your partner, and also you have to feel like as comfortable as you can. You know, at least like when you feel bad or fight we finish on the golf course and not carrying on. That's I think very important for the team events.

Q. Ariya, could you remind me what the injury was exactly?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: Oh, actually it's only starting at the U.S. Open, so I have like hip injury, but I've been having this for a while, like since last year.

But it's just like got worse during like U.S. Open this year.

Q. Is it your left hip?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: Yeah, my left.

Q. Got you. And how important do you think having this kind of loose, relaxed atmosphere is for you in terms of maybe a reset going into the grind of a major championship?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I would say last year when we play together just make me have more confidence, because when you play and you feel free, that's the feeling you want to play every tournament.

But I have that feeling during when I played this tournament last year with my sister because I feel no worry, no expectation at all.

I feel more free, so I just want to keep to have that feeling, keep going.

Q. May, we've had a recent trend of first-time winners from a number of countries on tour recently. Just looking back on the your first victory on tour in 2016, do you recall how you handled the pressure of potentially becoming the first Thai player to win on the LPGA Tour and what that felt like?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: It's a long times ago. The feeling that time is only like -- so I got on tour, that's my second year, so I have really good chance to win my first LPGA on 2013. So that time I just don't know how to handle the pressure, the expectation.

But 2016 all my goal is I really want to win my first tournament on tour. Of course it's really hard and it's really tough because like when you really excited, nervous, you kind of can't really control anything.

But that time I remember I told myself, I only have to do what is under my control. So the outcome is not under my control, so I just have to making sure what I'm going to do to hit a good shot that time. Yep.

Q. You talked a lot about how important it is to inspire the kids of Thailand. Since then over the years, what have been some of the most meaningful interactions you've had with kids?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I will say like to be so many golfer that inspiring me so much, and I wish one day I can inspire the kids, not only to play golf, but to have better attitude, to have their dream and not worry about the outcome, not scared. Just keep doing their stuff and believing in their self.

So I think that's really important for me. Right now I've been playing on tour for a while, so I feel like I can do that to like some the kids. So right now I just feel so happy to be able to do that.

Q. Have there been any particular moments you recall doing that with kids?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I would say so many time that I spent time with the kids and they came up to me and say like you really inspiring, so that just make my day and make my life, because I feel like that's all I want to do.

THE MODERATOR: I'll wrap it up with this here. Mo, what would it mean for both of you to defend a championship like this one alongside your sister?

MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Well, of course coming back here is like we got a good feeling, a good feel, and also like, you know, like I don't really worry about like defending or anything. All I want is just like enjoy out there with my sister.

You know, like we support each other, like we usually do, most of the time. You know, like just all I want is just like do what I have to do, what I've been working on, and hopefully it works out.

THE MODERATOR: Ariya, you two are obviously pretty comfortable on a course like this. Have you talked about any strategy for the different formats and any changes from the strategy last year?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I would say nothing at all.

THE MODERATOR: No strategy?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: No. Never had. No. I would say last few days I play practice round so I kind of hit like everywhere. I think my sister start to be a bit worried, but as long as we can find the ball, I think she should be okay.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you guys for coming in. Best of luck this week.

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