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June 28, 2022

Katie Swan

Wimbledon, London, UK

Press Conference


4-6, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Bad luck today. Tough match for you. How did it play out?

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, it was a very tough match today. I think I started off a little bit nervy. But once I settled, I thought I played quite well in that first set especially.

And, yeah, overall I think what I learnt today is you just can't afford to go on a run of a few points with kind of a bit sloppy unforced errors against the top players.

Yeah, it was very marginal differences today.


Q. Did it feel like an opportunity missed slightly? Because you said in the first set but also times in the second set, that game where you saved four breakpoints and felt like the momentum was really with you, and if anything was going to happen, you were going to win in straights.

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, definitely. She's obviously a great player, top 100, and she's very young.

I have to give her credit. I mean, she played well also. But I could feel that momentum was shifting, and she was getting quite frustrated.

Yeah, I wasn't able to capitalize on that unfortunately.

Q. You were broken at the end of the second set and early in the third around the time you were having various medical issues. How much of an impact did that have?

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, it's been a bit tricky with my leg during that match, just pushing up on serve was a bit uncomfortable. I just wanted to get some extra pain meds from the medical team when they came on. I had some before the match but just felt like I needed some more.

But yeah, I still, I pushed through all the way to the end. I just need to figure out what's going on now, and I'm sure it will be okay.

Q. Do you think if you had been 100% fit you might have just edged out those crucial points?

KATIE SWAN: I mean, it's tricky to say. I think there is other things I could have done better that would have put me over the line, as well. That's difficult to say.

Q. What other things?

KATIE SWAN: Just, like I said before, I was a bit sloppy in places, just gave away too many points in a row. Just can't afford to do that.

Q. You hit some remarkable cross-court passing shots. Some good things in there.

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, there was definitely some positives, as well (smiling).

Q. You looked like you were a little uncomfortable at the start. It was quite slippy. Broken in that first game. Was it hard to get into it with not entirely confident with the footing?

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, I think it was tricky. I also was nervous. So I think that combination of being a bit slow on my feet probably caused me to slip, but it was a little bit slippery, as well.

But, yeah, after the first couple of games it was absolutely fine.

Q. Just looking back, you talked about that run of errors kind of 2-1, I think Love-30, is that the one you'd look back and think, maybe it got away?

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, you never know kind of with matches. I can say now if I hadn't have had that tough game then things could have been different, but you never know.

Same in the third set, I think if I hadn't been broken in the first game, after that it was all holds. Yeah, different times in the match when I could have done things better.

And, yeah, that definitely cost me that game.

Q. Short of winning the match obviously, is sweeping to good point after good point at Wimbledon in front of a British crowd, is that as good as it gets?

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, I mean, it's so nice to play in front of the crowd again this year. I think I really showed that I belong here now.

It was really nice to have that support out there for sure.

Q. Going into the match did you feel more sure and confident than you had done in previous years?

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, I think so. I think my last couple of tournaments I have had good preparation against a lot of good players. Yeah, I had a lot of belief going in today that I could win, and I still know that I could have won.

Yeah, I think, yeah, there was a lot of belief going in.

Q. Are you playing doubles, mixed?

KATIE SWAN: No, I'm not playing this year.

Q. What now then?

KATIE SWAN: Yeah, for now, I just kind of need to figure out what's going on with my hip, and then I will plan my next schedule based off that.

Q. What do they say about your hip?

KATIE SWAN: I'm not sure at the moment. I just need to -- after this I'll have some treatment and figure out what the plan is from there.

Q. If it's not a stupid question, have you talked to Andy about hip trouble?

KATIE SWAN: No, I haven't (smiling). I don't think it's that extreme. I don't need a metal hip yet (smiling).

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