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July 1, 2022

Jamie Murray

Venus Williams

Wimbledon, London, UK

Press Conference


6-3, 6-7, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How did this partnership come about? What was the genesis of it? Who phoned who?

JAMIE MURRAY: Venus' coach texted me asking me if I wanted to play. Last year she asked me, but I hurt my neck. So I was like, I want to do both. Can't say no twice (smiling).

We're playing. It was a lot of fun tonight. We had a good time. So nice to play on Court 1, a load of people come out to watch, or stay out to watch. Yeah, it was cool. I really, really enjoyed it. Amazing to be on court with such a champion.

Yeah, look forward to next match.

Q. Venus, why did your coach text Jamie and when was that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I've been trying to play with him forever. He plays hard to get (laughter).

JAMIE MURRAY: She only asked me at Wimbledon where it's five sets for the doubles.

VENUS WILLIAMS: It's one of the only ones I haven't won, so I usually put a little more priority here.

It was definitely super last minute. Just inspired by Serena. Like I said, it was amazing. I just was so happy to have so much help today.

JAMIE MURRAY: I think you played great. Like, she hasn't played for a long time. First match, big court, a lot of people. It's not easy.

Mixed doubles can be awkward as well, how it kind of plays out. Yeah, I think we did a really good job. Like I said, it was fun. For me, that was what I wanted to get out of it. It was a great experience, play with Venus Williams. When am I going to get the chance to do that?

Yeah, it was everything it was cracked up to be. Excited to get another match on Sunday or Monday, whenever that is.

Q. Venus, I saw you taking it all in at the end there. What was it like to be back on a big court? Also, you mentioned it was last minute. Did you kind of come here planning to play? We saw you on the practice court initially?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I had no plan to play. I saw the grass and I got excited (smiling). I was even at the French, I had to work, but I wasn't there -- I was at the French Open, it's a beautiful event, but my heart didn't beat the same way. Not that I could play but...

I had no plans. That's why I was asking him last minute. He just had a baby, too, so I know there's a lot going on. Definitely I couldn't have guessed that I would be here right now, taking it at the last minute.

I haven't played in a year so you don't know what you're going to get. Practice is so much different from a match. It's not easy physically or mentally or anything.

Just at the last it was like, Oh, my God, wow. I just not only played a match but won a match. I'm never like that kind of player. I always expect to win. But when I sat there, we wanted to win, but when I sat there at the end, it was like real. Yeah, I felt something in my heart.

Q. You mentioned not planning on playing here. Did you have a different target comeback in mind? What let you know you were going to be ready to play sooner than expected?

VENUS WILLIAMS: You never know where I'll pop up.

Q. Are you guys in it to win it or just to get past the third round where Serena and Andy came across?

VENUS WILLIAMS: What kind of question is that (smiling)? We're in it for a stroll. C'mon.

Q. Are you here for the experience or are you going to go all the way?


Q. Are you here for the experience or are you going to go all the way?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Are you going to write a good article or a halfway decent one?

Q. I'm going to do what I usually do.


Q. Jamie, if you win a title this year, you go past Virginia Wade for the number of slam titles for a Brit. Is that motivation for you?

JAMIE MURRAY: Not really. But, yeah, I mean, whatever. If we win, amazing. If I'm able, fortunate enough to win another Grand Slam, mixed or mains, yeah. Amazing. It's always, like, an amazing experience to go on that run through the tournament.

But, yeah, for me it's more like playing at Wimbledon, a lot of friends and family come out to watch. British crowds, great partners. For me, like, when I was growing up, that's what I wanted to do, have that opportunity.

Tonight is another amazing experience for me to go play in a big court, play with a great player, yeah, enjoy it. Have fun and win, right?


Q. Venus, you have so many interests in life. During this time away from the tour, were there things that you missed about it, good things? There was an incredible movie, 'King Richard', what was your takeaway from that? What did your dad think about it?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I was very busy when I wasn't on tour. I think it's easier to be on tour than off tour. I think I should just come on back so I can sleep a little more.

I have a lot of work off tour. I'm a professional athlete, so that's who I am. But I'll be all right without. I'll be all right if I'm here, I'll be all right if I'm not. But I'm a professional athlete.

The film has been, for us, so resonating with how it's resonated with so many people, how it's motivated them to get closer to their families or to live their dream. I think that's gone beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Then, like, Oscars, beyond my dreams. We definitely had our hands full when we weren't on tour. We have so many more projects we're working on, too, which is beyond exciting. It's great.

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