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July 9, 2022

Jordan Smith

North Berwick, Scotland

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Well-played, three rounds in the 60s. How happy with where you are after 54 holes?

JORDAN SMITH: Very happy. It's not been easy the last few days. Yeah, just really happy the way I've stuck in there. A few loose shots but you're going to get in those sort of condition, so really happy.

Q. How important is patience in these types of different conditions over three days?

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, massive. You're going to get bad breaks, and you're going to get stuck up against the lip of a pot bunker and you're going to find some weed in the grass. You just have to stay patient and take breaks as they come. You're going to get bad bounces.

Q. Momentum seemed to change in the last part of the round. What changed for you?

JORDAN SMITH: I think I just hit a few bad shots. Front nine was a bit scrappy, missed a few fairways and a few greens and managed to scramble well on the front nine. Managed to make a few putts on the back nine.

Q. Playing with Xander today, how nice was it to play with him and sort of maybe feed off him as well?

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, it was awesome playing with him to be honest. It was a pleasure to watch him rip it up. Yeah, he's someone that I've looked at, his putting, he looks really good over the ball. He's a good guy, good chatting the way around. It was really nice.

Q. 17, obviously a great shot again. What was the idea going into that today?

JORDAN SMITH: I just had like a funny thought that it could never happen but I had this thought, oh, it would be amazing if it went in again. It was a bit ridiculous. But I hit the shot and hit it exactly how we saw it, and then obviously the crowd were getting louder. I was like, it can't be, it can't be, and obviously got there and it was sort of a foot and a half away. Yeah, played that hole lovely week.

Q. Has that ever happened in four rounds on one hole, especially a par 3?

JORDAN SMITH: Definitely not a par 3, that's for sure.

Q. Obviously tomorrow, a really good chance, put yourself in a great position. How excited are you at the prospect of teeing it up tomorrow and potentially having a chance to win this title?

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, look forward to it. I hope I have the same attitude tomorrow, just go out there and feel relaxed and just hang in there. I'm pretty sure it's going to be windy again, so just hang in there and enjoy the day, and enjoy the sun.

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