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July 8, 2022

Jordan Smith

Sam Matton

North Berwick, Scotland

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You've got a smile on your face after that hole-in-one, just talk us through it.

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, we've been chatting about it during the week saying that pin over there could be a good chance for a hole-in-one. Just happened today.

Yeah, hit 6-iron and the wind was howling off the right. Anything right of the pin would catch the slope and lucky enough that it did. Even though we couldn't see it, the crowd went nuts.

Q. Couple of nice cars at the back there. You get to drive one of those home. How special is this?

JORDAN SMITH: Might be hard because I have car here, as well. Might have to ship it back somehow. Yeah, I'm over the moon.

Q. Sam, obviously not just the player gets a car on this occasion. Yourself also get to drive home in one of those nice Genesis cars. How do you feel about that?

SAM MATTON: Yeah, obviously it's really nice for the caddie to get a caddie as well. Not sure how we're going to get it back. Great shot.

Q. Find your way around. You put yourself in a nice position heading into the weekend. How do you feel it's gone so far?

JORDAN SMITH: Really well. We've had a few unlucky breaks today. We just stayed patient obviously with the wind gearing up, it's just you had to hang in there. And at certain points we know it's going to stay up or get worse this afternoon. Yeah, bit of lunch, bit of practise and get ready for the week.

Q. How cool is it that the caddie gets a car, too?

JORDAN SMITH: He's a big part of that hole, so it's great that they have managed to support caddies for that as well.

Q. Close friends with your caddie as well that would be a bonus that you get to share the moment?

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, we grew up playing golf together down in Wiltshire, and he was one of my ushers in my wedding. We've known each other for great. It's great obviously having him on the bag and as a caddie.

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