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December 7, 1994

Karel Novacek


Q. What about your season in this year, you had last year a very good season?

KAREL NOVACEK: Well, the first part was not good at all. And been struggling with basically everything. I couldn't really concentrate on matches, on practice, and then I find a new inspiration with my new coach. I start to work harder and start to have fun, not only during the matches but during the practice as well. And since that moment, I have been enjoying the game much more, and I start to play again, the tennis I like to play. It was more fun anyway. Even I was winning much more but it was more fun the second half of the year, and I have been happy about that, including the semifinal in U.S. Open.

Q. Is it true that you don't play Davis Cup the first round?

KAREL NOVACEK: Right. That is true.

Q. Why?

KAREL NOVACEK: Because there has been a lot of - not a lot - but there have been some trouble this year, and I have been playing Davis Cup for a long time. And because of these troubles, because of the changes in -- of the manager of our Davis Cup team and because all the little things got changed, and I decide that all the pressure which I felt always during that Davis Cup Ties I felt like I need a little break out of it because I have been playing a lot for long years and I can enjoy my family or just rest for the week which was not easy decision, believe me, and -- but I made it and ...

Q. (INAUDIBLE) your former coach?

KAREL NOVACEK: That has nothing to do with it. I was the one that support to put him on the team.

Q. With Korda you are playing?

KAREL NOVACEK: Right. I decided when I was in South America playing tournaments I felt tired and I have been going through what everything happened and that was my decision which I took and I informed all the media and our country and our press of the Federation and the people really don't understand, I think. They still think that everybody should play and they don't really understand the point of view which that different single person has, you know? They take it as think it should be done naturally, just to compete for your country, but that has nothing to do with it. These little things which makes me not -- I didn't enjoy to be in the Davis Cup too much in the last year or this year, I mean, so that was the decision why.

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