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September 3, 1999

Magnus Norman

U.S. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, Flushing Meadows, New York

USTA: Questions for Magnus.

Q. You've become a Yankee fan.

MAGNUS NORMAN: I just like the hat. I'm not really into baseball so much.

Q. You're the hottest player on the Tour right now. You're playing very well on hard court, which maybe even surprises you a little bit.

MAGNUS NORMAN: Yeah. Obviously, I didn't have a lot of success on hard court going into this year. I mean, I'm just very satisfied with the way I'm playing right now. I think I have a lot to thank my coach Frederik for that. He believed that I could play good even on hard court. We've been working a lot on my positions in the court. I'm moving a little more forward now than I did maybe a few years ago.

Q. A lot of players, when the hard-court season starts, like to get over to the United States early, play the Canadian Open, Cincinnati. You chose to stay in Europe and stay on the clay, yet you came over late and have had some success. Why did you stay?

MAGNUS NORMAN: As I said before, I had a lot of points to defend. I won a few titles last year at this time on clay. That's why I choose to try to defend the points and try to defend the title I won in Amsterdam. Obviously I stayed there. I had great success on the clay also. When I went to the States, I had great confidence. I started off very good in Indianapolis. I won two matches. I won the title in Long Island. Can't feel any better than I am right now. I think also if I should have gone a little earlier to the States, maybe I would have got tired a little bit of playing on hard courts. This was ideal preparation for me.

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