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June 25, 2022

Stephanie Meadow

Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Congressional Country Club (Blue Course)

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Here with Steph Meadow. I know probably not the way you wanted finish today, but still pretty solid round. Take me through the fight out there.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: I played really solid. I probably missed more than one green, but I was on the fringe. I really only chipped once, and I ended up making double. That's just a tricky hole, and I missed it kind of in the worst spot possible.

But other than that, very happy. Obviously, wish I could have finished at 2, but it is what it is.

THE MODERATOR: This golf course, obviously, has a lot of teeth in it anyway, but they put the pins in some crazy positions today. Just how tricky were the pin positions?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: I thought even from the get-go, like on 1, you could just tell it was going to be one of those days.

I had a couple of three-footers that were outside around the hole, so that's always comforting. (Laughing). Everybody has to play it, and I think if you just kind of think about it that way. You have to play. You can't go for birdie. You have to make par on some holes and just walk away.

THE MODERATOR: What's your strategy when you are hitting longer irons especially into those kind of pin positions? Is it just center of the green and hope for the best?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Pretty much. Happy if I miss it on the other side, and if I have to chip, I have to chip. This course, you know you're dead. There's not even a guessing about it. Some courses you're, like, maybe it will be all right. Here you short side yourself, you're dead.

I tried to take my medicine on 16, and I did. I just went 45 feet left with the chip. I had no shot. Then three-putted. That's just the name of the game. It's major golf.

THE MODERATOR: Heading into tomorrow it being a major on Sunday, you're pretty far back at this point, but could still make a late charge and get to the top ten. What's the mindset heading into tomorrow?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Same thing. Just hope that I can kind of squeeze my way in somewhere. Obviously, I assume In Gee is still winning. She's way out, but this is a golf course you just never know.

THE MODERATOR: Then, finally, I think people forget kind of where you were at the end of last season. And to be this far in this year and pretty comfortable, I would say, how good does it feel to just be here and be able to go for a title and go for a top ten?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, definitely. It's a lot of pressure off.

It's funny, though. I was talking to Leona about it, and she was saying it doesn't matter where you are, you are always striving for more. That's her personality.

It's like, oh, you know, last year it was top 100. This year my focus is to get into the TOUR Championship, get to at the Asia at end of the year. It's just funny how your mindset shifts.

We're never satisfied. I wouldn't want myself to be satisfied because I know I can push myself, but I think sometimes you do need to take a step back and be grateful and acknowledge how well identify played.

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