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June 18, 2022

Nicole Garcia

Madelene Stavner

Kelly Whaley

Mia Baker

London, England, United Kingdom

Royal Greens Golf and Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Came down to a playoff but the victorious team is Team Garcia. Nicole, well played. Came down to the 18th hole, sudden death, and you had to wait a while. You knew you had the chance yesterday. What were you thinking about all day today?

NICOLE GARCIA: Yeah, it was -- it was a bit nerve-wracking thinking about it every now and again, and I had to refocus on the individual first and we'll take care of that later.

Yeah, it was a bit strange to wait quite a long time in between. Normally you want to get it out of the way as quick as possible. But like I said early on, we had not decide who had was going to go out yet so there was a bit of cushion, like maybe we don't have to go out.

Q. Well, you led the team quite brilliantly. Madelene, it was a flip of the coin to decide or were you pleased Nicole was going to leaded way on 18?

MADELENE STAVNAR: To be honest I was glad she took it. She did a great job. We talked about the strategy we were going on and we went with length. She's a great ball hitter, and she hits it far, so it was a good choice.

Q. Kelly, there's a great vibe and you're all hugging each other. It's been a fantastic few days?

KELLY WHALEY: It's been amazing. Immediately when Nicole said my name a few days ago, I was super excited. We had a chance to play together in South Africa, and we just meshed really well.

I just think this whole team we root for each other and hope for the best every single time and that's what you want on a team.

Q. I don't know anybody who is as enthusiastic about the game as you, and you helped steer the team with that brilliant putt on 18 yesterday to get into the playoff. How have you handled this week?

MIA BAKER: It's only been so nice. The best thing is it made me not feel stressed. The putt that mattered most was on 16 and I had no idea that it even mattered. I couldn't have asked anymore from them. They are all amazing.

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