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June 16, 2022

Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors

Game 6: Postgame

Golden State Warriors 103, Boston Celtics 90

Q. Klay, I know you're a man of reflection these days, as you reflect on where you were last year or the year before, even 2019, what emotions come to mind after this moment?

KLAY THOMPSON: A lot of mixed ones to be honest. 2019, it was easier to accept because I had never been hurt before and that five-year run took a lot out of us.

But the second time it happened it was like, what the heck is going on, man. Just to stay with it, just calf raise after calf raise, after underwater treadmill, so many days, not even touching a ball.

Then to go through this season with the ups and downs, and even these playoffs, I'm just at a loss for words at times. Because I knew this was possible but to be here in real time, man, I don't want to leave. I want to enjoy every second of this. I know how fleeting it can be.

Q. I was just going to ask you about not wanting to leave the stage, but what was that like, you were up there with Steph, dancing, and just enjoying that moment.

KLAY THOMPSON: Do a lot of dancing this summer. Dancing machine.

Q. What was that like up there? What were you feeling when you were --

KLAY THOMPSON: Oh, man, I was feeling absolutely incredible. I was feeling just so high on life that I did not want to leave the stage, and I just know how hard this is, and to be here for a fourth time, like so grateful for my teammates.

I saw it in the beginning of season. People called me crazy. I said championship or bust, because I saw how we came out of the gate, 18-2. And playing just that Warriors brand of basketball that made us so successful, and then knowing I was going to be inserted in that, I knew we had a chance to do something special, and here we are. It's so incredible. Wow.

Q. Steph said that this one hits different than the other three given everything you guys have been through everything and that was said about you guys. Do you feel that same thing?

KLAY THOMPSON: A lot of chatter. A lot of chatter. A lot of doubters. But you know what, you just put that in your fuel tank and you just keep going. And it does definitely hit different.

Like the guys we integrated here, we cannot be here without them, whether it was Wiggs, who is around the corner, I don't know, he's chilling somewhere -- there he is. That man made my life so easy. I used to have to do his job and I'm looking at him like that is exhausting, Bro, you've got to get buckets and guard the best player? That's crazy.

Jordan Poole, his development, guys we picked up in free agency, Otto and Beli. How about Kevon Looney; the man had a 22-rebound game. Just all down the board. And this was beyond the guys who got big minutes in the playoffs, guys like Juan Toscano and Damion Lee who are ready when they are called upon and won us big games in the regular season. This is a collective season and strength in numbers is alive and well.

I can't wait, there is this one player on the Grizzlies who Tweeted "strength in numbers" after they beat us in the regular season and it pissed me off so much. I can't wait to retweet that thing. Frigging bum. I had to watch that, like this frigging -- okay, okay. Sorry. Bad memory just popped up. Going to mock us? Like, you ain't ever been there before, Bro. We been there. We know what it takes. Hold that. Twitter fingers, can you believe it?

I've got a memory like an elephant. I don't forget. There were a lot of people kicking us down.

Q. Where did we eat breakfast when I interviewed you for the first time?

KLAY THOMPSON: Man, I forgot but it was right by Broadway, I forget the name it was downtown Oakland and I don't think you'd guess we'd be here for a fourth time. You'd be like, what? No. To be here again, this is incredible.

Q. The Bahamian flag, talk about your Bahamian pride and bringing the flag up.

KLAY THOMPSON: Well it's been a part of my story since I was a child. My father was the first foreign-born No. 1 pick, even before Wiggs, can you believe that? Even before Air Canada, there was Air Bahamas. I know my family is in Nassau watching. We had a tough year losing our Uncle Colin, who is such a big part of my family. He is the oldest brother on my dad's side, and he was a legend on the island.

I just love the Bahamas with all my heart. I love visiting my grandparents, my cousins when I was a kid, and I can't wait to go back and celebrate with all my family this summer. I just think about them all the time, and we've -- not only myself, but our family has faced adversity the last few years losing my Uncle Paul and my Uncle Colin and my Aunt Patty.

And with life, things go on, so I just keep them in my heart when I go out there and hoop.

Q. Like you said, memory like an elephant and tonight you get the Boston Celtics crowd that has been giving it to Draymond, everybody, more in the whole series and I'm sure you're enjoying it in the third quarter when Steph is saying, "Put a ring on my finger." Last week, both of you guys said there were 2015 vibes and you closed that series out in Cleveland. What was that like?

KLAY THOMPSON: I just knew it. We've been here before and it was the same -- like déjà vu, same feelings. We feel like we couldn't get in a good flow back in 2015, the Cavs had our number. We stuck with it. We grinded out a tough Game 4.

And now to be here, and I'm so happy for him to get that Finals MVP. Some bozo saying he needed it. I think he's pretty much established what he can do, but to see him earn that, he's one of the greatest ever and we all followed in his lead and gosh, that was awesome. What a series.

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