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June 16, 2022

Caroline Masson

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Blythefield Country Club

Press Conference

Q. Here with Caroline Masson who had a bogey-free 5-under today. Three birdies, one eagle on the card. Walk me through what happened on 8.

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it was fun making eagle for sure. Couldn't really make a birdie on my back nine, so it was nice to get that done.

Yeah, hit a so-so drive. I think got a little lucky with the kick in the fairway. Any time you're in the fairway on that hole you have a good chance for birdie, maybe eagle.

Hit a great shot in there right at it and probably had about three feet left or so, so fun way to make eagle.

Yeah, didn't really make a lot of putts, so it was nice to hit it close and not really have to worry about that.

Q. Didn't make a lot of putts but hit 18 of 18 greens today. You were perfect out here.


Q. What's been going so well with your ball striking that helped you today?

CAROLINE MASSON: I just think it's solid. You know, not everything is perfect, but you don't have to always play perfect golf in order to score well.

Right now I feel like I'm missing -- not missing it in the right places, but hitting it in the right places, I'm in control of where the ball is going, my club face.

If you do that, keep doing that and giving yourself chances, eventually it's going to show in your results and in your scores. That's kind of what it's doing right now. I've played similar in the last few weeks really.

It's fun to finally see the scores kind of show the way I hit the ball.

Q. What was your club into 8?

CAROLINE MASSON: I hit 7-wood.

Q. 7-wood from?

CAROLINE MASSON: From 197 meters, so about 220 I guess, just under.

Q. When you got to keep the pedal down out here and try to make a lot of birdies, what does that do for players?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I think my caddie was great just telling me to stay patient. I actually hit the ball a lot better on the front nine, on my back nine, and just couldn't really make a birdie. Hit some good putts, hit some bad putts, and you feel like I got to make a few more just to stay up there.

It's about staying patient and still hitting the shots and believing at one point one goes in. To do it that way was really nice.

Q. You mentioned last few weeks you feel like you've been hitting it better. Are you in a better mental space or you think the work has paid off?

CAROLINE MASSON: Both. Yeah, definitely. Put in a lot of work, felt like I'm really on the right track, and had to be patient to really see the results.

Mentally definitely in a much better place. I felt like I had a rough few years. I didn't necessarily enjoy it as much as I used to; that's tough to deal with.

I can't tell you how it changed or what changed, but it's a lot more fun. I see the progress. I think it helps me. I started working with Tony Ziegler start of this year, and just really feel like we're working on the right things.

And to see my golf game trending in the right direction mentally means the world to me. That's why I can enjoy it a little bit more. It's less stressful being out there and being more in control.

Yeah, I have to thank him for that.

Q. 67s always help having fun.


Q. As you look ahead, what will you carry with you as you move forward?

CAROLINE MASSON: I think just keeping that same attitude. You don't even to hit every shot perfect. You can hit a lot of good shots and not make birdies also, and have to stay patient.

It's just that. I think the golf course played soft today and we were able to be pretty aggressive out there. I would assume that it just firms up a little bit in the next few days.

So the game plan changes a bit, but just really staying patient and trusting my game and taking it lightly. That's really helped me.

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