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June 16, 2022

Bronte Law

London, England, United Kingdom

Royal Greens Golf and Country Club

Quick Quotes

BRONTE LAW: Really solid round of golf, managed that. We had a pretty hectic start on the first tee, so can't help but imagine that that didn't really help.

Q. What happened?

BRONTE LAW: Lost scorecard, whatever. Besides the point. We teed off four minutes after. Had to ask the starter to see me off. So that was new. Yeah, just a bit flustered, the start for us as a team but yeah, happy with the way I played.

Q. And you look like you've cared that forward from a couple weeks ago into this week, which must feel reassuring?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, definitely. I think any time you post a number under par, you did stuff right. Yeah, hoping to kind of continue that. Hopefully the team, hopefully we can move up the leaderboard a little bit tomorrow. But yeah, it was a day of like near-misses I feel like. We were very close but just not quite there as a team.

Q. And in terms of the course and your eye, does it feel like it sets up and do you like it, the layout?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I think it's a good scores. I think obviously the condition, it's in very good condition, which I think is a huge part of putting on a good tournament. If the course is in good condition, you know you're going to get much more of a fairer result as to who is going to be at the top of the leaderboard, I would have thought, based on their play, so yeah, I think it's looking good. I think that it's set up well, and yeah, hopefully that continues for the rest of the week.

Q. What was it today you had, eight, nine birdies?

BRONTE LAW: I'm not sure.

Q. What was dialed in for you today?

BRONTE LAW: I hit a lot of close shots. But I mean, still had a lot of chances that I missed. Kind of just a reflection of the golf that I played, I guess. Wasn't really aware of how many I had made to be honest. I was just going with the flow. Just yeah, enjoying it out there.

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