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November 1, 2000

Magnus Norman


MODERATOR: Questions for Magnus.

Q. What are your thoughts?

MAGNUS NORMAN: You can never know, never expect what's going to happen. I got through the first round on Wednesday evening, got a walkover already, I'm in the third round already. But it's nice. I like it here in Stuttgart. I have a title here in Weissenhof like last year. I have good memories from here. I like the city. It's nice to get some practice in. I would have liked to play a match today, but it's better to have a rest, better to rest than to play. It's a sad way, of course, to do it. Marc had a fever, I think. He came up to me like a couple of hours ago. Obviously he's disappointed. At the same time, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Just been practicing a little bit. I'm feeling very motivated again to play well. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. I've read somewhere that you've been feeling very tired like after the US Open. Were you considering taking some time off?

MAGNUS NORMAN: I did, yeah. Especially after the Olympics. I went straight from the US Open to the Olympics. I was very, very tired. I had no motivation, and the body was aching all the way through. I took a week, a good ten days off from everything. I went to Vienna to get some practice and to play a match. Then in Shanghai I felt like my motivation was back again. I feel fresh again. I feel ready. I had some big goals still to achieve this year.

Q. For instance?

MAGNUS NORMAN: One was getting to The Masters. That's obviously the case today. It's been confirmed. But obviously I'm looking -- I'm perhaps No. 3 in the world now in the race. It can only get better from here. You know, Sampras has pulled out from Paris, as well. I know I have a good chance. But indoors, it's not really my surface. I have to play very good to be able to be on top of the race at the end of the season. I feel like no one is really taking me as the favorite, either for Stuttgart, Paris, or Lisbon. It's very nice. I'm No. 3 in the Champions Race. Nobody really thinks I'm going to play very well indoors. I'm very motivated to show everybody that I can even play indoors.

Q. How have you spent time waiting for the match?

MAGNUS NORMAN: It's very tough. What can you do? I was here at 10:00 practicing this morning with Thomas Enqvist. Then I went back to the hotel, had lunch. I was walking around a little bit in the city, preparing for the match. I was really pumped when I came here. Then all of a sudden, you know, all the motivation is gone. You have to go practice. I was practicing pretty hard here for one hour just to get the frustration out of the body.

Q. Are you feeling you're as prepared as you can be?

MAGNUS NORMAN: Absolutely, my game is 110% there. I'm ready.

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