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June 15, 2022

Otto Porter Jr.

Golden State Warriors

Practice Day

Q. What’s your top Game 6 Klay performance?

OTTO PORTER JR.: I don't know, to be honest with you. All of them.

Q. How are you guys preparing for Game 6 Boston crowd? You're one win away from the NBA title. I know you take every moment as it comes and quarter by quarter, but for you guys how are you mentally preparing for that?

OTTO PORTER JR.: It's going to be a difficult task. We know that we have to bring our hard hat into Game 6. We expect it to be tough. Probably our toughest game.

Q. Otto, you've been an asset to teams that you've been at. Washington comes to mind. You have made the rounds. Do you have introspective moments? You are here now. You started here. Kind of like Drake started from the bottom, and now you're here.

OTTO PORTER JR.: Yeah, it's been up and down, my career, but I usually just stay with it. Just given an opportunity, and just want to make the most of it, especially at this stage where I'm at now, but I just try to continue to work hard with my work ethic and try to embrace these moments.

Q. Your lineup change a couple of games ago where you started, were you excited or more nervous?

OTTO PORTER JR.: I wouldn't say I was nervous. I was anxious to get out there and play and go to war with my teammates. Everybody steps up, and I had to go out there and do my job.

Q. Is there any difference in terms of your preparation as a starter? Do you maybe look at more film of their starting unit and ways you can attack the game earlier than if you are coming off the bench?

OTTO PORTER JR.: No, no, same preparation. I've started before, so it's nothing new to me.

Q. You're still a pretty young guy at 29 with a lot of career left. What are some of the things you're still looking to kind of do in your career? I know this would be a great thing to win a championship, but what about moving forward? How do you see your career?

OTTO PORTER JR.: I'm not really worried about moving forward. Just trying to stay in the moment where I'm at right now. Seems to be working for me. I just take it one day at a time.

Q. Did you think that this was a possibility when you signed on over the summer?

OTTO PORTER JR.: I didn't think it was a possibility when I first came into the NBA. So just from where I've come from to this point now, I would have never thought I would be here.

Q. Are you soaking it in? Obviously, not every single player gets to have an opportunity like this in their career ever. Has that sunk in for you?

OTTO PORTER JR.: It hasn't yet because I'm still in the moment right now, but eventually probably a month from now if you ask me the same question, then, yeah.

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