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June 15, 2022

Andre Iguodala

Golden State Warriors

Practice Day

Q. Before you walked out here on the court, the U.S. Open trophy was out here. I know you're a golf aficionado. I know you'd rather probably be holding another trophy in a few days.

ANDRE IGUODALA: Yeah, it's just right up the street. The U.S. Open is usually the same time as the Finals. It's been distracting me from getting my picks in for my golf Fantasy leagues. I always end up last in the U.S. Open Fantasy league. Someday I'll win the U.S. Open Fantasy league because father time is killing me slowly.

Q. Pick a winner yet this year?

ANDRE IGUODALA: It's hard to pick winners now.

Rory won last week. He looked good. JT looked good. Jon Rahm, defending champ, we haven't seen him as much this year.

Golf is really good now. Anyone can win.

Q. The mentality of this team, you guys know how hard it is to win the final one.

ANDRE IGUODALA: They are definitely tough games. I think that's the mindset we got to have is, you know, clinching is probably the hardest game you'll play. Coming in with the right mindset, having the right intentions, which we're here with it, that's not an issue. Just keeping your mind on understanding, embracing how tough it is going to be. You set yourself up to have success.

Q. As a possessor of a lot of rings, I'm sure a lot of guys have come up to you in almost a Yoda-like fashion. What do you tell them?

ANDRE IGUODALA: Honestly, I haven't had too many conversations about the actual hardware. I don't even know where they're at. Yeah, I don't even know where that stuff's at.

But it's just enjoying the process, understanding how winning at the peak of your profession, it helps you in terms of growth later in life, other endeavors you want to take on.

I always tell guys you can win at the highest level of your art, your profession, that translates to success into anywhere else you want to take it.

Q. Does this particular series give you flashbacks to any other series you guys have played in the NBA Finals?

ANDRE IGUODALA: I don't know. I wouldn't say similar. I haven't really given it too much thought. You're so locked in on that team, you really don't think about the other Finals matchups.

You understand the emotions that go around it. You understand everything that happens around it. Just being able to manage how you speak to the media, your focus off the court, time you need to get away from the game, how to lock in, giving yourself enough time to not feel like you're cramming everything, trying to get the game plan in, but just smoothing everything out and understanding the process. I think that gives you a little bit of an advantage.

In terms of comparisons to other teams, I really haven't had the chance. You're really just locked in at the task at hand.

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