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June 15, 2022

Gary Payton

Golden State Warriors

Practice Day

Q. You are never not smiling. How do you keep that positive energy through the series, even after coming back from injuries, rough games?

GARY PAYTON II: A lot of Bob Marley. A lot of Bob, lot of Bob. Sit in the room and just sit back and reflect, listen to Bob, try to be happy.

Q. Favorite track?

GARY PAYTON II: Favorite track? There's a few. Jammin' is probably one of my favorites. What is it, [Lively Up Yourself] I think is one of those. I just put it on mix, shuffle, just let it go.

Q. It translates to the floor because you play with so much joy out there.

GARY PAYTON II: It's just fun. Just to be in this situation, I'm just blessed to be here. If you would have asked me years ago, I probably would tell you, you're full of it.

But I'm just here embracing it. Forty-eight minutes away from doing the unthinkable. Just try to stay locked in, but just keep a positive vibe and continue just to be a good human.

Q. With that said, there is a famous clip out there. You're a baby, you're on your dad's lap. He's being interviewed. You're looking up at him. Here you are.

GARY PAYTON II: Yeah, if somebody would have told me I would have been here, I would have laughed at you in your face.

That's a great picture, crazy picture. I love it. Hopefully I can retake that one day with my little one.

It's funny how the world works.

Q. What is it going to take to get out of here with a victory tomorrow night?

GARY PAYTON II: Forty-eight minutes of just pure toughness, will, determination, just being focused and locked in 48 minutes like we did the last two games. I think if we can do that for an extended period of time, we'll leave Boston pretty happy.

Q. The intensity has been ratcheted up the last two games, especially defensively.

GARY PAYTON II: Absolutely. Just continued to feed off our last game and pick up and clean up the little things that we did early in the third. They had a run early in the third. We clean up those things coming out of halftime, put a full 48 complete game together, with force, I think that will do it.

Q. What have you done specifically to give them fits?

GARY PAYTON II: Just the force, intensity. Try to eat up airspace, make them uncomfortable. Don't let them get a little feel, rhythm. I think the first couple games, we gave them too much space where JT and JB get a little feel and rhythm, then they get it going.

We come out nipping it early, be aggressive, take the force from them, I think it will be an interesting 48 minutes.

Q. With how good the Celtics are defensively, how important is it to prevent those turnovers?

GARY PAYTON II: It's big. That's what we like to do. That's how we get out and feed on the offensive end. We get stops and run in transition. It's difficult to guard us in transition. We have so many pieces.

Like I said, we stay locked in, take away what they like to do, make it tough for them, rebound and get out and run, I think we'll be in good shape.

Q. You obviously have two games to get one, whereas their backs are against the wall. Does that almost make it harder for you guys, knowing you have a backup option out there? How do you keep the same intensity as they do?

GARY PAYTON II: We enter this game just like them: back against the wall, desperation. I don't think we're looking for a Game 7 back at home.

Leave it all right here in Boston, 48 minutes, come out with force and energy, try to just take it to them.

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