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June 14, 2022

Charley Hull

Georgia Hall

Bronte Law

London, England, United Kingdom

Royal Greens Golf and Country Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Thank you all for joining us this afternoon for our pre-tournament press conference the Aramco Team Series here at Centurion Club. Today we are joined by Charley Hull, Georgia Hall and Bronte Law.

Charley, you've played all five ATS event to date, and you have four top 10s and three top fives and one win. What about this format seems to work for you?

CHARLEY HULL: I just like this. It's a lot of fun. It's quite a relaxing format and you get to like pick your friends as well. Yeah I enjoy it a lot and I love playing golf in England. I enjoyed it here last year. I think it going to be a lot of fun.

THE MODERATOR: You're obviously good on the individual side of the competition. How much would you like to experience team success at an ATS event, and as a captain as well? What does it come down to in choosing a good team?

CHARLEY HULL: I usually just pick someone I have fun with tab fair not necessarily how they are getting on because whenever you're in the shuffle, you're one of last ones to pick it can be kind of hard because all the top 10 are usually gone.

But I usually pick someone I get on well and have a laugh with.

THE MODERATOR: And what would team success mean to you, as somebody who you overall seeks individual success?

CHARLEY HULL: I always play for individual success. I'm not really the biggest team player, so there you go.

THE MODERATOR: Georgia, your most recent LET appearance was a winning won back in March, and you were quite emotional on the back of that win. Looking back on it, what did that mean to you, and how has your season been since?

GEORGIA HALL: Obviously coming so close a couple of years ago, it was quite important to me that I tried my best to win a few months ago. Winning by five shots is very special and managed to keep it together the last few holes and lift that trophy.

Yeah, my season so far has been pretty good. Very consistent. Obviously a win and some high finishes. Really looking forward to the very busy run we have now and always nice to play in England.

THE MODERATOR: Again, like Charley, you've always been there or thereabouts when it comes to these ATS events. How do you balance the fact that in this events you're playing both as a solo player and a team, and what in your opinion makes a good captain in these events?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think as long as you focus on your own game it will take care of the team aspect as well. Just try to play the best you can.

Obviously as captain, you want to try to get a partner that can get a lot of birdies because it's only the two best scores, and just being there, like for your team, having a lot of fun. I think three days is always nice instead of four. So just go out there and work.

THE MODERATOR: Bronte, what worked for you at the U.S. Open where you tied for six, and do you expect to carry that form into this week?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I putted really well that week. I've been working on that with my coach. I've been hitting the ball well for a while but not getting the results that I wanted. So yeah, just really happy with how I was progressing and hopefully continue to work on that and get the results that I want.

THE MODERATOR: Your Solheim Cup heroics show your passion for team golf. Is that something that draws you to these ATS events? How much do you enjoy the team element?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, it's nice to be part of a team. We obviously play a lot as individuals throughout the year, and can get quite mundane after awhile.

So yeah, playing in a team is something that I enjoy and yeah, that's what I take from that.

Q. Wondering if you saw Linn's victory on the DP World Tour last week, and what difference you think that might make overall too boosting the women's game?

BRONTE LAW: I personally didn't see it but saw through social media and think it's absolutely fantastic. I would hope that it gets a bit more press than it is getting right now. I think she deserves to be acknowledged for that.

I think that maybe people stop using the argument that people aren't as outstanding as the men given that she beat them by nine shots. So yeah, I think it's a great thing for the game and I hope that she gets that acknowledgment.

Q. Obviously the last couple of weeks, there's been a lot of focus on Saudi Arabia and where the money is coming from. Some players like Meghan have previously declined the chance to play in some of these events, saying they don't want to be complicit in sportswashing. Do you feel comfortable helping for a regime hat gives women little freedom and has a terrible human rights record?

GEORGIA HALL: Well, when I was seven years old, I grew up wanting to be a professional golfer, and I'm not a politician. I just want to help grow the game. What I'm here doing, Ladies European Tour, massive prize funds. It's helping a lot of the girls on the LET, previous few years have struggled.

I think it's just all about playing good golf and doing your best to grow the game. Yeah, I'm just involved on the professional level.

BRONTE LAW: I think it's important to recognize that the LET was not really in the strongest position when Aramco got involved, and they have added $5 million to the prize fund of total purse for the year. They have provided six events of which the money has been life-changing for them, and to be part of a team of which they would probably not get that opportunity.

I would hope that that's not overshadowed by the fact that there's a lot of women working very hard week-in, week-out, and they had no base salary. Aramco stepped in and they are providing an opportunity for us to compete. I think that that shouldn't go unheard.

Q. How much would you like to compete more against the men, if there were say half a dozen, is that something would you like to do?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I would. I would like to. I think it would be good fun. But I'm one of these people thinking, if they don't play off the same tees, but saying that -- I just think it's one of them things. But I can understand why they play the girls 15 per cent shorter but I think it's great what she's done for the game and well done to her.

Q. Would you relish the opportunity to pit your skills against the men and have the fun? Because it's a challenge and it's fun to see how you stack up against the men's game?

GEORGIA HALL: For sure. I think it would be good for a couple of events. I think the LPGA is extremely strong, and we are focusing on our tour, and so are the men.

But obviously it would be great to showcase what we can do. I think women's golf can be underestimated, how good we are. I think it would be great just to play even a team event where we get to pick a partner. I think that would be really fun. Potentially that could happen in the future, but yeah, I think it would be good for coverage, as well.

Q. Charley, did you say you want to play off the same tees?

CHARLEY HULL: Usually when I play with my friends at home, I do. Obviously the golf course would have to be a bit shorter for them and a bit longer for us. I suppose they could come to a happy medium.

But yeah, I'm not too fussed about playing with the men. I'm happy with the LPGA Tour. I love it over there. I have great fun.

Q. How much confidence do you have from Pine Needles with Muirfield coming up, how much would it mean to win one of those?

BRONTE LAW: Of course, we all want to win majors in the U.K. Obviously confidence is everything, so finishing well, that gives me a lot of that. You know, I've been here before and hopefully I can continue to contend in majors going forward.

Q. You played a lot of LET events without any team concept until two years ago, and now that you have, you seem to enjoy it, and will you miss it, and why? And what does it add to your professional skills?

BRONTE LAW: I'd say particularly being a team captain, it encourages you to balance out your team well. Usually are only concerned with yourself on the golf course but now you've got three other people that you want to keep motivated. A head might go down at times and it's your job to pick a head up when they are not feeling so good about themselves. That would, I would say would be one thing in particular that would add to your skill set you probably wouldn't have had before. I think it's a fun aspect to the Tour.

It would be missed, probably, because it's fun and I think golf can be quite serious at times. You know, the more diverse events that we have, the more attraction that we are going to bring, and I think that it certainly does that.

Q. Charley and Georgia, do you feel the same way?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, it is a lot of fun out there when you have your team around you. It's a little more relaxed. Like I said, I'm more of an individual player and always have been buts if fun to have team golf.

Yes, I do say it helps sometimes, some players, you know, when you're out there, you can talk a bit more because it's more of a team. So yeah, it does relax you.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, for sure. I appreciate the formats through the year because we do play four rounds individually all the time, so it's nice to have that change. You're not used to playing partners; you want them to make the cut. So that's nice, as well.

Obviously it's always in my mind when I do go out this week and play to try and be as high up for my team as possible.

Q. Do thoughts of the Solheim Cup come into your mind when you play these events?

CHARLEY HULL: It's a bit different.

GEORGIA HALL: It's different. It's just nice.

CHARLEY HULL: It's a team kind of team event.

THE MODERATOR: Charley, Georgia, Bronte, thank you very much. All the best for this week.

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