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December 1, 2000

Magnus Norman


MODERATOR: Questions for Magnus.

Q. Are you very disappointed now that you're heading home?

MAGNUS NORMAN: Yeah, of course I'm disappointed with the result. You know, I think I've been playing three good matches. I just played against three very good opponents this week. You know, I'm happy with the way I played, but not with the result, obviously. What can I say? It's going to be nice to have some Christmas holiday because my body really hurts.

Q. Are you going to holidays or are you playing ^ bandy? What are you doing now?

MAGNUS NORMAN: I haven't really thought about it yet. I will give it a thought tomorrow. My father has his 50th birthday tomorrow, so we're going to stay in Lisbon tomorrow and celebrate him, then I'm going back to Monte-Carlo to have some rest, and then probably I go back to Sweden for Christmas.

Q. If you think about the year, in the book of your memories, what is the best memory in 2000 and the bad memory?

MAGNUS NORMAN: So many good memories. I had a great start of the year in Australia. I made it to the final in the French Open. That's probably my best memory, and probably also my worst memory because of all the emotions going through in the final. Looking for next year, I want to try to become a regular member in the Top 10. I'm going to try to stay where I am right now and I'm going to work even harder to be able to play good indoors as well as outdoors.

Q. Do you think that you're a different player mentally now? Last year you said that you want to make big performances in Grand Slam or the Tennis Masters Series. You did that this year, so next year what is it? Mentally are you different?

MAGNUS NORMAN: Maybe the approach to tournaments is a little bit different. But I think also for next year, it's very, very important with the new system that we have to play good in the Super 9 events, in the Masters Series and the Masters Cup and the Grand Slams. That's going to be the main priority also. Going to try to make it to the final again in Roland Garros.

Q. What do you want for a gift at Christmastime, in your dreams?

MAGNUS NORMAN: A new Ferrari.

Q. For what you've seen here of the tennis played here, who do you think will be the winner?

MAGNUS NORMAN: I don't know. It's very difficult to say. I think I played Kafelnikov, Kuerten and Agassi. I think the match I played against Kafelnikov I should have won. But against Guga and against Agassi today, you know, the standard of tennis was just from another planet. It was something that I have never seen before. I've never met anybody so strong as Kuerten and Agassi before. I played good matches. I played good. They were simply, I mean, too good. The level of tennis has become higher, I think, over the last couple of months. This was unbelievable.

Q. Obviously you are from another planet, too, because you put up a good fight with Agassi. You caught up some balls that nobody expected you to.

MAGNUS NORMAN: I appreciate it. Thank you.

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