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August 5, 2004

Tommy Robredo


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Tommy.

Q. How did you think you played today?

TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, I think it was a difficult match because Greg is a great server. But, well, I was confident in my game, and I was really concentrated on the match. And finally I could beat him, no? I think it was a really great match, a really good victory that I hope is gonna give me a lot of confidence for the next match.

Q. Looking ahead to Santoro, you have a pretty good record against him.

TOMMY ROBREDO: Yeah, the records are there, no, but every match is different. And Santoro, he's gonna go for it for sure because he don't want to lose again with me. And, well, I think I'm gonna be confident in my game because I know that my game makes him pain. But anyway, it's gonna be a difficult match for sure.

Q. He seems kind of difficult. There's slicing and spin that he puts on the ball.

TOMMY ROBREDO: I don't know. I think he's a really talented player and he plays with this. But also I play with a lot of things, no. And I think that my things, they can make him a lot of pain. That's what I want to try to do.

Q. Compared to your best level, where do you think you are at the moment?

TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, I think this year that I did a great job all the year and I am great level of the season. But, you know, tennis, it's always a thing of confidence and not confidence. And I was really confidence after French Open, and then grass always put you little bit different, no, because it's another surface. And now I think I was playing, practicing pretty good. And the score didn't arrive so much, but I was confident in my game and to win matches again, because I was feeling really good on the court. I think I am, well, 90 percent maybe of my confidence and also playing my best tennis. I think that I'm in good shape, and I hope to keep going like this.

Q. You like clay more than hard courts?

TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, I win a lot of more matches on clay. That is why I really like a lot more.

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