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June 11, 2022

Morgane Metraux

Galloway, New Jersey, USA

Seaview, A Dolce Hotel

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Morgane Metraux coming off her second round at the ShopRite LPGA Classic presented by Acer. You're now 7-under through two rounds. How does it feel to still be at the top on day two?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, feels really good. It's right where you want to be with one round left. I feel like I've left a lot of shots out there actually, both today and yesterday.

Still, I kept the mistakes to a minimum, which was the key for me. Made some of the putts for birdie I had, and, yeah, put together two pretty good scores.

Q. We were just talking about that hole on 18. You made a par there, but I know you wanted that long birdie putt. How have you been liking that Aon Risk Reward hole, No. 18?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yea, actually forgot it was that hole. No, it's great. The whole Aon Risk Reward Challenge every week is really fun and there is massive prize at the end of the year, so it's always something you keep in mind.

I had the birdie yesterday, not today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get it.

Q. So you were 3-under yesterday; 4-under today. What did you learn from yesterday's round that helped you pick up a shot?

MORGANE METRAUX: I just made one long putt today which was probably the difference. Other than that, I think both days I played pretty steady. Hit a lot of greens or just off the greens when I missed them.

So, yeah, just long game was pretty solid and just said some putts.

Q. Just what would an LPGA Tour win mean to you?

MORGANE METRAUX: Oh, it would be massive. It would mean everything to me. First it would be massive just for rewarding all the hard work I've put in, and then it would obviously would do so much in terms of status for the next years.

Yeah, a win is what you want. That's what you work for and that's what you play for, so a win would be everything.

Q. Back-to-back LET-LPGA wins, too, would be --

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, it would be pretty fun.

Q. We talked yesterday about just coming from Italy. Are you feeling any effects still of jet lag that's helping you push through and focus more?

MORGANE METRAUX: No. Jet lag this way is not too bad because you just go to bed earlier, and with the early tee time yesterday and the day before it's actually been really fine. Not been too tired.

Only finished Saturday of the week last week, so I had an extra day to travel. It's been okay in terms of being tired. Yeah, I'm just keeping it day by day.

Q. I see your mom made the trip with you. Are you happy to have her out here? What does her support mean to you?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, it's amazing to have family. I have my dad and my mom follow me sometimes, so it's really cool to have her here this week.

And obviously my win last week I had my both parents and my sister who was playing, too, so it was really fun to share that with them, and to have her still here this week is pretty cool.

Q. I know we're still pretty young into your LPGA-LET career, but do you feel like this is some of the best golf you've played?

MORGANE METRAUX: I think technically it's been the best golf I've been plying for quite a few months out on the range and at practice. I just haven't been able to put it on the course.

I think now is the best in terms of not making mistakes. Like everything -- when I hit a bad shot it's still okay, where before it was probably more penalizing.

I think the good rounds, I've had them before, it's just to try keep everything good still is the best.

Q. To be in contention two weeks in a row can take a lot out of some people mentally, maybe physically sometimes. Do you feel you need to go back, rest? What's the game plan before tomorrow's round?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, just keep doing the same routine. See need to the physio and just rest tonight and get my preparation tomorrow morning going. I don't have too long of prep in the morning so that probably helps.

But, yeah, I don't think it took too much out of me last week because with caddies -- because on the LET you don't always have to have a caddie. I did both weeks, so I didn't have to worry about my bag. It makes it that much easier.

Yeah, as I said, I had an extra day. Pretty good.

Q. You seem calm, relaxed. Is that you on the course all the time?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, I've always been really laid back so that's kind of my nature. I don't show too much emotions on course and I don't think that will change. That's just who I am.


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