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June 10, 2022

Jaylen Brown

Boston Celtics

Game 4: Postgame

Warriors 107, Celtics 97

Q. With the "MVP" chants from the fans tonight, do you feel like you have been the MVP of this series?

JAYLEN BROWN: I don't know how to answer that question. Next question.

Q. It seemed like the offense was kind of grinding all night trying to get into some kind of chemistry, then it kind of shut down late in the fourth quarter. What happened to the offense and how do you get it going when their defense steps up and responds?

JAYLEN BROWN: We just have to stay organized. That's on our veteran players to get us organized in those moments. At times we get unorganized and kind of get on top of each other. The spacing kind of closes down. That's where some of those turnovers come from. We have to do a better job.

Q. You often bring up the spacing after things go wrong with your offense. What is the issue that you see that keeps popping up? Why has that been a persistent issue?

JAYLEN BROWN: You just answered your own question. Spacing, when things go wrong, that tends to be offensively some of the things that we don't do well. We don't get space. We kind of don't take our time. We kind of get a little bit sped up. We just need to get more settled in those moments, get more control, get more organized.

I think things will be better for us if those moments. We kind of get a little bit sped up.

Q. Late in the game defensively against Curry, what kind of broke down on a few of his shots, some of the offensive rebounds? Do you feel like you have to adjust to cover him differently?

JAYLEN BROWN: We could have done our job better. But give credit to him. He's one of the best players in the world. He's been here before. He had it rolling tonight. Big performance by him.

But we have to do a better job of containing. It's tough. It's hard. But we know. We never said it was supposed to be easy.

We just get ready for the next game. That's it.

Q. When Al was out here before he said even in these moments deep in the season you are continuing to learn and evolve. Oftentimes late in games, especially when you have a lead, you will come down and run down the clock, rush into actions late. When you see guys like Steph coming down and firing quickly in transition, do you feel like you need to learn how to maybe not try to wind the clock down, try to start earlier?

JAYLEN BROWN: Yeah, overall every experience that we have we've learned and grown. These opportunities right now, playing at the highest level, on one of the biggest stages, is also moments to learn.

Sometimes nights like tonight, it's tough to take a tough loss on our home floor. We have to have a short-term memory and get ready for the next game, come out and play Celtic basketball.

Q. I know you're going to focus specifically on Game 5, but you only have at most three games left in your season. Knowing that there's nothing beyond this next week, does that change any of the preparation, the limits you're going to put yourself through?

JAYLEN BROWN: No. We know where we're at right now. We know it's the NBA Finals. We know there's no series after this. This is it. So I think everybody on our team is aware of that.

We just have to come out and play Celtic basketball.

Q. Jayson had a tough shooting night, a tough shooting series inside the arc. Beyond just the spacing, how can you help him out on that front, if anything? What's the message you have to him through the series so far?

JAYLEN BROWN: Just get more organized. Watch film, try to find spots to be aggressive. Trying to see where our best looks are.

At times, in moments we need most, we rely on Jayson to be aggressive. We have to help him out by being in position to be spaced and successful.

We'll watch the film, use it as an opportunity to get better. I'm looking forward to that.

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