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June 10, 2022

Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors

Game 4: Postgame

Warriors 107, Celtics 97

Q. Klay, have you seen Steph play with or show that amount of emotion before, and what did you see from how he took over this game?

KLAY THOMPSON: I think I have seen him show that much emotion, and the heart on that man is incredible. You know, the things he does we kind of take for granted from time to time, but to go out there and put us on his back, I mean, we got to help him out on Monday. Wow, just showed why he is -- shocking he wasn't a First Team All-NBA guy, but whatever, next year.

Q. Marcus Smart made a huge three-point shot on the buzzer in the fourth quarter, and then you responded with three-pointer; Steph as well. Can you take me back to these moments and what made you change the game like that?

KLAY THOMPSON: You know, I got some great looks all night, and come playoff time, especially in the Finals, it's hard to get good looks. Teams going to blanket us. So when you get that little, you know, space, you've got to let it fly.

Been in this league too long to ever doubt myself, especially in the highest pressurized moments. You've just got to let that thing go and trust your word, trust your touch, and luckily I made them when they counted.

Still thinking about that one I missed on the left wing, great pass from Andrew, but luckily I have Draymond who made an incredible rebound, and I'll make it on Monday.

Q. You said sometimes you take what Steph does for granted. You've played a lot of Finals games next to him. Where would you put this in his Finals performance résumé?

KLAY THOMPSON: I think probably No. 1. I mean, this was nearly a must-win game, and to go out there and shoot as efficiently as he did, and grab 10 rebounds and they were attacking him on defense; I mean, his conditioning is second-to-none in this league.

Steph played incredible.

Q. You mentioned that you guys need to help Steph on Monday, and I wonder as this game goes on and he's on fire, keeps going, keeps going on, what is going through your head? Not just for you, but as Jordan tries to find his rhythm, Wiggs; is there conversation about that, like we've got to help him here?

KLAY THOMPSON: Not really. Just stay ready. When a guy is on a roll like that, you just get out of his way, space the floor and be ready to shoot if the ball finds you.

We've all played in this league a long time, except for JP. We know that the ball will find you if you just continue to do the little things, and that's play defense, box out and just be resilient.

Q. What did the other guys give you tonight, Poole, Wiggins and Loon?

KLAY THOMPSON: Well, Loon was a plus-21, his rebounding was incredible. Andrew had a double-double, the 17 [points], the defense he played on Tatum. And JP, wow, like the poise he's been playing with as a 22-year-old throughout these whole playoffs is amazing.

I can go down the line. GP, good to have him back, he's a special performer. And Draymond, who might not have had his best game, but made huge plays there at the end, huge rebounds, huge stops.

Doesn't matter how you shoot the ball, what your numbers say. The only thing that really matters right now is getting that win. And Steve always reminds us that it doesn't matter who plays. As long as you win the series, in the long run, no one is going it talk about your individual performance as much.

Q. Early in the fourth quarter, Jaylen Brown had a couple of run-outs, you guys had a couple of turnovers, you took a timeout, you're down four. It looked like the game was starting to get away from you, and you guys regrouped. What happened over the course of that next five or six minutes?

KLAY THOMPSON: We just played great defense. And when we do that, our offense is so great. And we have so many great scorers, the ball is eventually going to find the bottom of the net.

It was just a gutsy win. That was a ton of fun, believe it or not, no matter how queasy the fans might get or emotional they might get. To be out there and competing at this stage, like, wow, I can't believe I'm here, especially considering where I was at this time last year. I wasn't even jogging yet, and now I'm out here just battling in the Finals.

This is great. I'm going to enjoy these next couple games or three games, whatever it's going to be.

Q. As you're out there and enjoying it, bouncing back after a loss has not plagued you guys in this series, in these playoffs, but continuing to string together wins after a win, that's been a little bit more difficult. What is it that you need to bottle up to cling to to embrace in order to do that?

KLAY THOMPSON: Well, we have reestablished home court again. We can't look ahead. We've got to play with that same force in the fourth quarter that we did, bring that Monday.

And it's going to be rocking there in Chase Center. I can't wait to see our fans. I know they are excited. I know it was rocking in there tonight.

So we can't look ahead. Just be present and embrace your off-day, but then get some good work Sunday. And then when Monday comes, just live in the moment, because you don't do yourself any good if you're looking ahead to Game 6 or 7 or a championship.

You've just got to embrace these moments. It's special to be one of the last two teams playing, and I know we're all going to bring it Monday. We're so excited. This was a special night for Dub Nation.

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