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June 10, 2022

Caroline Masson

Galloway, New Jersey, USA

Seaview, A Dolce Hotel

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Caroline Masson coming off her first round at the ShopRite LPGA Classic presented by Acer. Finished 3-under and it's one of your lowest rounds of the season. What was going really well for you out there?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I hit it really nicely today. Wasn't really in trouble at all until maybe 18. That was really the one time I had to grind a little bit.

Yeah, hit it really well. Had a lot of birdie chances. Could have shot a lot lower if the putts went in, but it's not easy to putt out here.

Very happy with the ball striking, and just got to stay patient and do the same thing.

Q. A lot of players keep saying that there is a lot of birdie chances out there, but the scores aren't particularly low. Is that because the greens are small, and how important are just pars out here?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, you got to play smart and you got to hit it in the right spots. If you do you have a lot of chances. The greens are tricky. They're not rolling as smooth maybe as we've seen it the last couple weeks.

So it's just about staying patient and just trusting your lines and trusting your stroke, and I think eventually they'll go in. That's kind of what I did today, and was happy to make a couple on the back.

Q. Besides the greens, how did you find the course today? What were some of your favorite parts and maybe some challenges?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I thought it was fun to play out there. I think, like I said, there is a lot of chances out there so you feel like you can birdie every single hole as long as you hit the shots.

Par-5s played a little bit longer than they maybe do some years so they're not as easy birdies as you would think, so had to grind a little bit for those.

Yeah, overall, just a fun course to play and try to go low.

Q. This is a shorter course and like a shorter tournament, only three days. Do you like that about ShopRite, especially coming off a week like The Open?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, exactly. I'm playing five in a row, so it's nice to have a little bit of a break and take a couple days off.

Definitely like it, once in a while have those three-day tournaments. Yeah, it's just about getting off to a good start and really shooting low for those three days.

It's more like a sprint, where last week felt like a marathon. It's nice. It breaks it up. It's a cool atmosphere out here. We play a lot of pro-ams. Yeah, just a very different tournament, but a lot of fun.

Q. With it being only three days, how important is this round today to really set yourself up there?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, totally. You don't want to get too far behind because you only have two rounds to catch up.

Yeah, feel like I'm not right on top, but kind of right there. I guess I feel comfortable with my game and confident if I can do similar things the next couple days that I'll have a good chance.

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