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January 22, 2001

Magnus Norman


MODERATOR: Questions for Magnus.

Q. I'd like to know what happened the last point, especially if you gave the point. You were angry for the previous call or just because you thought there was no let and it was --?

MAGNUS NORMAN: There was no let. There was no let. I couldn't take the point because obviously he didn't hear any let and I didn't hear any let. You know, I don't want -- maybe the match would have turned around and I would have feel bad anyway at the end of the day when I leave the court. I go home, I want to feel good about myself. That's the reason why I gave it to him.

Q. I want to ask you why you miss so many forehands tonight.

MAGNUS NORMAN: Yeah, I missed a lot of forehands. I didn't play a good match today. I think the first set I should have won. I had four chances. You know, too many mistakes. You know, I'm very disappointed, of course.

Q. Did you have problems with your foot?

MAGNUS NORMAN: Not really, no. Just the tape was bothering me a little bit, but no.

Q. Concerning this last point, do you think you deserve for the year 2001 the Fair Play Prize? There is an annual prize.

MAGNUS NORMAN: I think it will be difficult to give it to someone else (smiling). I will be very surprised.

Q. Your rival said he didn't know if he could do the same thing on match point like that.

MAGNUS NORMAN: I mean, it's the fourth round out there. We play for a lot of money; we play for a lot of points. But when I grew up, my mother always told me, you know, to never give up, but to always be, you know, play by the rules. I think my mother will be proud of me when I call her tonight.

Q. What did the umpire say to you when you did that? He came down to let you know there was a let.

MAGNUS NORMAN: Yeah. He said that the machine went off. You know, obviously the ball was a lot above the net. But I'm a little bit surprised they called before that one adduce. I think the serve was really this much out (indicate quite a bit). I think he should be able to see that one, at least.

Q. Were you surprised by the way Sebastien played tonight?

MAGNUS NORMAN: He's playing very good. I was expecting a very tough match. But the fact that I beat him the last two times we played, you know, I was pretty comfortable, pretty confident when I went on the court. But, you know, he gave me a hard time. He never gives up. But I think I should have won anyway.

Q. Are you more nervous because the top three seeds were out, you were No. 4?

MAGNUS NORMAN: No, not really. But, of course I felt like I have a good chance. But, you know, when you come through fourth round, everybody is in good shape and everybody wants to beat you. Today I played a bad match, and I had to pay the price.

Q. The big price?

MAGNUS NORMAN: The big price, yeah.

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