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June 10, 2022

Morgane Metraux

Galloway, New Jersey, USA

Seaview, A Dolce Hotel

Quick Quotes

Q. Okay, here with Morgane Metraux. Morgane, you hop off the plane from Italy after winning on the Ladies European Tour; here you are first time ever at Seaview. Just take me through what this first day was like for you out there.

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, I had a lot of fun. Obviously come in with a lot of confidence from winning last week in Italy. It was really fun. So I just wanted to go out there and have the same feels and just enjoy the day like I did there. No pressure.

First out, so there was no scores posted or anything. Yeah, just went out and did my best.

Q. You were just talking about how you didn't expect this type of course. When did you get here, what was the practice schedule like, and when did you realize that this might not be the course you were thinking it would be?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, flew over from Europe on Sunday, went to see my coach Monday, and drove down here on Monday. So I only got to see it Tuesday and the pro-am Thursday, so played it twice.

Yeah, I mean, I was a little tired early in the week because it was a long week last week. Yeah, I mean, I just did what I needed to do. Played it twice and got a bit of practice done.

Q. How much was a win like that last week with your family around you, your sister also doing well, how much was that a refresh or reset for you as you head into the summer swing here on the LPGA Tour?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, I didn't have that great of a season so far. I played well my first event, but after that -- (pause for sound interruption) yeah, I didn't have the best start of the season. I had a good first event, but after that I missed quite a few cuts.

So I just was happy to go home and just like get a refresh and see the family and just get a week just home where I didn't do much golf and just enjoyed my time there.

Playing in Europe obviously I did pretty well and just brought so much confidence. It was so great to have my sister and with both my parents there when I won. And she did really well, too.

So it's always great to be able to celebrate with the family.

Q. This is a 54-hole event. If you shoot well on the first day, you're right there. Is it different knowing that there is only 36 holes left and you put yourself in a really good position today? Kind of gets late early here at this tournament.

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, actually, I'm more used to 54-hole tournaments because last year on Epson Tour it was mostly 54-hole tournaments. Last week and the week before on LET was 54 holes, too, so that's kind of my normal I guess.

So I don't really change my mindset about it. Yeah, I mean, just every day is a new day and you try to do your best and see how you finish on the leaderboard.

Q. What was today like for you? Take me through some of the highlights you had as you ventured around Seaview.

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, good question. I made a few good putts. Nothing crazy long, but I had -- on 17 I hit a really good wedge. I was 1-over at the time and I started on 10.

I just made a couple bogeys on my previous holes, and then so I made the putt on 17, and then on 18 I had a good putt for birdie as well. Just got me going through the round. I had a short one on 1 that I missed because it kind of bobbled before the hole. Yeah, I think these two holes, 17, 18, is really what got me going.

I played pretty solid on the front. Didn't make any mistakes and had a few putts drop, so, yeah.

Q. For you, from our good old friends on the LET, they're wondering how much confidence do you hold after a week like last week, and also your performance in Belgium?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, so obviously in terms of my game it brings a lot of confidence. I knew technically my game was in a good place from early in the season, to be honest.

I've been working a lot on it. Technically just was in a good place but couldn't put the scores together, so it was great to see that scores actually were following finally.

Yeah, so I did get a lot of confidence from it. Yeah, I'm just enjoy this now.

Q. Were you able to celebrate at all your win yet from last week or has it just been one thing after another?

MORGANE METRAUX: So I got back from Italy home because I was driving home at like 9:30...

Q. Home is?

MORGANE METRAUX: Switzerland, yeah. And I had my flight the next morning at like 11:00, so it was a short just change suitcase, laundry, short night, so I didn't really get time to do much.

It's definitely planned, but, yeah, I'm also really happy about the win because it takes some pressure off a bit of my summer schedule because it gets me into some of European events, too.

Yeah, haven't had time celebrate but there is going to be some time for it.

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