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June 9, 2022

Andrew Wiggins

Golden State Warriors

Practice Day

Q. Defensively Draymond a couple games ago called you the best wing defender that you have on the team. You really talk about how you've carried your level of efficiency throughout the playoffs. How tough is it guarding Jayson Tatum and some of the other guys you've guarded? How do you stay mentally sharp?

ANDREW WIGGINS: It's not easy. Those guys are good, especially playing Jayson, Luka, who can score at all three levels.

I just try to be there, contain, make it hard for them, play aggressive, and contest every shot I can.

Q. I think it was the second quarter, but you kind of got into Robert Williams. He fouled you. Obviously he's a great rim protector. Is that kind of going to be key going forward, like getting into his body, getting him into foul trouble?

ANDREW WIGGINS: You just got to be aware of where he is. When he's around the rim, you can't go up soft. He's really good with shot blocking, rim protecting. You got to be smart with stuff you do around the rim.

Q. This month is the 50th anniversary of Title IX. Basically my question for you is, your opinion on the 50th anniversary and how it impacting girls in sports and what improvements you'd like to see?

ANDREW WIGGINS: Just equality. Just holding everyone to the same standards as everything else.

Q. Draymond was talking about the importance of starting the game with force, continuing that throughout. Felt like that was something lacking in the early going. I think it was 11 points on the first 18 possessions. A rough start. Draymond obviously is the focal point of a lot of the attention. What can you bring to him? How can you get him to bring that force from the early going tomorrow?

ANDREW WIGGINS: Everyone come out with the same mindset, that we got to win, we got to be desperate to win tomorrow.

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