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June 8, 2022

Kevon Looney

Golden State Warriors

Game 3: Postgame

Boston Celtics 116, Golden State Warriors 100

Q. What do you think was the problem on the glass tonight?

KEVON LOONEY: You know, they had us scrambling in our rotations and a lot of long rebounds, and we wasn't able to keep bodies on bodies. They just beat us to all the 50/0 balls. Credit to them. Grant Williams got a lot of long rebounds, and Robert Williams, Horford was hitting the glass pretty hard.

So we just got to muster physicality. Try to keep our rotations clean. We've got guys running all around scrambling, they put so much pressure on the rim that they had our guys, our rotations kind of messed up. Have to do better guarding the ball as well.

Q. What was the thinking starting the fourth and what happened in that fourth quarter?

KEVON LOONEY: When we got back to where we wanted to get to to start the fourth quarter, but had a few turnovers. We gave up some offensive rebounds and yeah, was able to capitalize. It's a game of runs, and we need to start off a run in the fourth quarter but they was able to hit us first and kind of take back control of the game.

I think just all the loose balls. We lost every 50/50 battle today. We have been winning most of the playoffs, and today we let them get the better of us.

Q. You guys were outscored in the paint 52-26 I believe, what went wrong for you guys there tonight?

KEVON LOONEY: I think they put a lot of pressure on the rim. Credit to them, Jaylen Brown, Tatum. We got it down early. Shot a lot of threes, just tried to get back in it. Steph had it going at the three-point line, and Klay did as well. They did a great job protecting the paint.

Rob Williams had five or six blocks, and it was tough to score down there. But when you're down, we shot a lot more threes and we wasn't -- we were kind of settling a little bit just because we were trying to get back into the game. It kind of worked for us and we got away from getting to the rim.

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