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June 8, 2022

Andrew Wiggins

Golden State Warriors

Game 3: Postgame

Boston Celtics 116, Golden State Warriors 100

Q. Andrew, you guys had another inspired third-quarter run. What is it about that 12 minutes in that break that you guys are able to dominate and why do you think you guys weren't able to carry that momentum into the fourth quarter?

ANDREW WIGGINS: You know, third quarter, we just let the game settle down and we come out ready.

Fourth quarter, I feel like they just played harder, more physical, getting offensive rebounds. Yeah.

Q. What's kind of the gut reaction or initial reaction when you see Steph kind of come up from that pile-up limping as he heads to the bench and he's also grabbing on his abdomen?

ANDREW WIGGINS: You're just hoping he's okay. That's it. Just hoping he's good. Steph's tough. Just hoping he's good and ready for the next game.

Q. I don't know if you were actually in the scrum, but were you around it and what was going on? It was kind of hard to see with all the bodies on the ground there.

ANDREW WIGGINS: It was a loose ball, and people were just flying to the ball. I couldn't really tell you too much more than that.

Q. How do you like the looks you were able to get, especially when they started paying more attention to Steph?

ANDREW WIGGINS: I liked the looks. I thought I had a lot of open threes I just didn't make. But just got to keep shooting, keep shooting with confidence and then they will drop.

Q. It seemed like after having a really tough time spacing the floor the last game, they were able to generate more space today, maybe even more times where they got a runway bringing guys back to the halfcourt. How were they able to do that better and what challenges does that present to you as you try to stretch them out or defend them as they get all that space?

ANDREW WIGGINS: They did create a lot of space offensively tonight. We just got to shrink the floor. Keep playing defense that we did before, shrinking the floor and guys' elbows and helping each other and we'll be fine.

Q. Could you just speak to the impact that Rob Williams had on tonight's game? He was moving better than he has earlier in the series.

ANDREW WIGGINS: He's a big body. He's a rim protector and you've just got to always be aware of him.

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