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June 8, 2022

Al Horford

Boston Celtics

Game 3: Postgame

Celtics 116, Warriors 100

Q. Al, do you have a feel for why you guys are dropping as much as you were there in that third quarter, and what was the adjustment going into the fourth to try to counteract the shooting they were getting over you?

AL HORFORD: Yeah, I'm going to have to look at it on film a little bit more. In the game I felt like I wasn't up enough as I needed to be, and Steph got some really clear looks there and really hurt us with that.

Then we gave up some kick-out threes that hurt us. I definitely put some of those on me, and I need to be better in those positions.

Q. You mentioned it before, thinking you were not up enough. What are the challenges that Steph presents in trying to guard him in these pick-and-rolls where obviously you come out on the one, gets you on the four-point play and then the next time drop back and hits a three. How difficult is it to try to navigate how to handle him on a play-by-play basis?

AL HORFORD: Yeah, it's definitely very challenging. I have to just continue to learn and look at it on film and see how I can be better, just to give more support to Marcus and Derrick, guys that have to guard him up there. Yeah, that was tough. When I was up on that one, I thought I was there, and just a very, very tough shot, made it, and yeah.

So for me I just have to be better, and I look forward to Friday.

Q. You guys obviously have struggled in these third quarters, but even when they went up there 83-82 on that Steph three, you come back, you start the fourth quarter strong, completely turn the game around. What allowed you to respond like that after they sucked the life out of things with that run?

AL HORFORD: Yeah, I felt like our team really stayed poised in those moments. As you know, earlier in the year, that could have gone south quickly. The other thing was the energy from our fans was just contagious. I felt it going into just -- when I did my shooting slot an hour and a half before the game, and as soon as I saw that, I was like, yeah, it's going to be different tonight. They stayed with us even through that because sometimes things can get shaky.

But we stayed right with it and just locked in and didn't panic and just continued to play.

Q. Just how much of a security blanket is Rob back there in help the helper situations or just if you have to step up on a drive you know that he's there at the rim?

AL HORFORD: He's a game changer. Rob is really a game changer. We're very fortunate to have a guy like that that impacts winning in the way that he does, because it's beyond the numbers with him. It's just all the things that he brings, being in the right places. I've been so impressed with Rob, just his ability to just continue to get better and learn.

He learns. We talk to him, I feel like we can ask a lot of him and he always takes it in, figures it out, and it's better. But his stuff goes beyond the box score, the impact that he has on the game.

Q. We've been here before and asked you guys how you're going to follow up a win with another great performance. In your estimation here, what do you guys need to do to maintain this, what you did tonight, and carry that into Game 4?

AL HORFORD: We have to be able to keep the same focus that we have, and it's something that tomorrow we need to have, a good team session and continuing to prepare and understand that there are things that we need to improve on in order for ourselves to have a chance on Friday.

Q. I don't want to get you in trouble, but what went through your mind on that foul on Steph? When it was raised to a flagrant?

AL HORFORD: It happens, I understand. It's an emphasis, trying to protect the shooters. I understand that. I felt like it was a good contest, but maybe -- I didn't let him land, so it's something that it's hard when you have a guy playing that fast and you're trying to contest and things happen. I'm glad he's fine. But yeah, it was a fair call.

Q. How do you guys -- you're so good at bouncing back after losses. How do you take this win and come out in Game 4?

AL HORFORD: Yeah, just like I said earlier, just really have that mindset of we need to really look at this film and really find ways to get better and get prepared as quick as we can, because it is a quicker turnaround. Friday will be here, and we've got to be ready to go.

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