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June 7, 2022

Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors

Practice Day

Q. You guys have won 26 consecutive playoff series where you won at least one game on the road. Why is that?

STEPHEN CURRY: We always know how to find a way to win games no matter what style it is, high scoring, low scoring, defensive battle, shootout, whatever it is.

We find another level of grit and determination, just an ability to find a way to get it done. Being in hostile environments, you get tested, you get pushed. Our experience kind of shows at the right time.

Obviously in this situation it's a must for us to win a championship. We got to be up for that task.

Q. Klay talked about how he watched, recently, YouTube videos to kind of get some motivation going shooting-wise.

STEPHEN CURRY: Of himself? Is that what he's insinuating?

Q. Yes.

STEPHEN CURRY: All the best do that. I like that.

Q. You make mention that all the best do it. Who outside of yourself do you watch on YouTube shooting?

STEPHEN CURRY: That's a great question.

Go back and watch Ray Allen clips, obviously Reggie, Seth Curry. Who else I watch? That's the top of the list. Might throw some old Virginia Tech Dell Curry highlights in without the three-point line.

Other than that, you're kind of just watching a lot of just film of other games. It's not so much a YouTube thing, it's more being an NBA fan and just watching -- it's like when you're at church, the pastor is giving a sermon and you're over there with your phone [laughter].

Just more so being an NBA fan, consuming as much basketball as possible, you start to get motivated and inspired by all different type of people.

Q. You're a basketball historian. Any feel or juice from you're about to play a Finals game in Boston against the Celtics? Secondly, why do you think Gary Payton has become such a beloved figure so fast? What is it about him?

STEPHEN CURRY: I'll start with GP. I think probably a lot of just his name first and foremost in terms of basketball history. So hard to make this league in general, but even harder, I would feel like the odds, NBA player's son trying to follow in the dad's footsteps. It's a different challenge and journey for him coming out of college, trying to find his way, G League, training camp offers, bouncing around the league, all over the place, then finally finding a home. Last year him coming in, making an impact.

I think he was on two-way last year. He was available but not really. Then knowing he could really help us this year, he’s actually proven to be an amazing difference maker. I think fans really resonate with that. They love the way he approaches the game, his energy.

He changes games without really having crazy scoring outputs. You just get so much energy from him, watching him defend, disrupt, do all that type of stuff. Fans love that. We love it, too, as his teammates.

It's been awesome to watch his growth and development this year. Having him come off of injury, the moment when he checked back in the game, amazing response from the crowd that gave us a lot of juice. I'm sure there's more of that to come in the series.

What was the other question? Oh, Boston.

Yes, it's special. Historic team, dynasties from the '80s, how many championships they won over the course of the year, all the different highlights you watch, just have a different iconic look when you see it on TV.

Just watching Larry Legend do what he did in his entire career, looking at the Boston-L.A. series, KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rondo, getting the championship here. KG's hilarious postgame, anything is possible, whatever.

There's a lot of history in this city, in this building. Should be an amazing atmosphere out there on the court tomorrow and Friday.

Q. Have you found as you've gone through your career that the rims in the arenas are all generally the same? Jordan said something in the Denver series, I don't know if that was a joke.

STEPHEN CURRY: That was because I think he saw one of them was offline that nobody else really saw. They actually checked it and it was off center by like an inch or so.

I see it more as, like, just the different venues have different backdrops and lighting that certain shooters like more than others. Just depends on kind of what your flavor is.

Dallas had just like a bright arena. I just liked the lighting in there. The backdrop in Madison Square Garden is dope because it's stage lighting, it's dark. Certain things you see, you prefer different arenas and rims around the league.

That's how I see it more so than the actual rim itself.

Q. There are not many teams that have two great all-time shooters like you and Klay. When one of you guys might be in a little bit of a slump, do you talk to each other, or is it an unspoken thing?

STEPHEN CURRY: Very unspoken thing. There's conversations, like, around play calls or different looks to try to get somebody a good shot, but it's not so much mechanics, building up anybody's confidence because you don't get to that level if your confidence is that shaky. A couple bad games, the world is falling. We both understand that vibe.

Honestly, you don't really want to hear anything about it if you're going through it yourself because you know at any moment you can spark yourself to get back on track and get out of it.

It's the best you can probably say is just keep shooting because that's the only way you get yourself out of some rough patches. I don't like to use that 'S' word.

Q. You watched Klay the first two games, hasn't shot the ball as well as he can. Knowing his history, do you have a certain, I don't know, peace of mind in knowing that what has happened the first two games is going to stop at some point?

STEPHEN CURRY: History with him has shown there's no predictor. He can just take it to another level. Regular season, playoffs, he's always just found a way to get himself going. Especially in the playoffs, just to make an impact that's loud. Usually it's really loud.

His demeanor never really changes. It's not really something you can just look at and be, oh... if you saw him now, you'd think he's averaging 50 in this series. He's got just a very confident look about him. That's the best thing about him.

It's all about the work you put in, it's about the mindset. He doesn't need any teaching points on that. That's why there's so much confidence that at any moment he can go off.

Q. Off topic here a little bit. As a big golf fan like you are, somebody who occasionally works with the PGA, do you have any opinion or thoughts on what's going on with the Saudi Tour, guys leaving the PGA?

STEPHEN CURRY: From my vantage point, I'm very fascinated by the reasonings guys are leaving the Tour. There's certain moments where there's the acknowledgement that the Tour has done an amazing job supporting players, but there's always room for improvement on ways to increase the revenue streams, their ownership of what the Tour is doing, their awareness of what the Tour is doing. All those conversations. Seems like there's accountability and conversations on both sides.

Then like the last month you've seen a lot of guys jump ship, with Dustin [Johnson] being the biggest name to go. They get up here and they have their interviews and stuff. I'm sure the money is a big part of it, but I don't know what the other consequences are going to be, the punishments, whatever the fallout is in terms of them leaving the Tour.

I don't know enough to comment on that. I'm just curious about the whys of their jumping ship.

It's interesting to see some guys speak about the legacy of the Tour, that there is room for improvement, but they're loyal to the traditions and history. Understand that they still want to chase trophies and championships that mean something in the history of the game of golf.

I don't think there's anything threatening that. I am very curious as to what the whole kind of agreement is that makes these guys want to jump ship, especially right now. I'm sure that will continue to show itself.

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